The African American Male Initiative program collaborates with several community entities who are vested in the success of AAMI participants.

Georgia's Own Credit Union is Augusta University's very own credit union that aims to support the Augusta University community's financial needs and offer financial literacy education to the community. Georgia's Own partners with AAMI to facilitate workshops, including but not limited to personal budgeting, account management, building and maintaining credit, debt aversion and reduction, and the process for purchasing a car or home. These workshops are instrumental to cultivating and maintaining a healthy financial lifestyle.

Successteam Foundation for Youth Development is a nonprofit organization specializing in Educational Youth Development via Mentorship, Leadership Development, and Community Outreach. Successteam has established partnerships amongst service providers and institutions that assist in bringing forth a holistic experience for
benefactors while having an engaging team of 30+ board members, volunteers, and program coordinators. Successteam will be instrumental in increasing AAMI's community outreach and leadership development.

The Dream Builders of America’s Youth, Inc. is composed of professionals who are dedicated to seeing youth succeed. Dream Builders partner with AAMI to facilitate workshops and motivate AAMI students to live out their personal dreams. Periodic surveys monitoring students’ progress will serve as a guide to its effectiveness. This is instrumental in cultivating an environment of professionalism and success within the AAMI at AU, ultimately guiding our students to graduation.

The 100 Black Men of Augusta’s, Inc. mission is to improve the quality of life within our community to enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans. This organization will partner with AAMI to serve as a mentor and connection point to business networking opportunities for AAMI students. The individualized approach to mentorship provides accountability to the students and the motivation required to be successful at AU. Many members of the organization are graduates of the institution and provide tangible examples of skillsets needed to graduate from Augusta University.

The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History will partner with the AAMI program to help mentor and build African-American male leaders, keeping them engaged in higher education via leadership training and educating them on skills contributing to post-graduation success. In addition, the Lucy Craft Laney Museum will be instrumental in identifying potential mentors, given the Museum’s extensive network among African American leaders; many of these leaders serve on the Museum’s board.

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