Nominate a Staff Member for an Award

Employees like to be recognized and appreciated for the work they perform for their employer. The Augusta University employee recognition program provides an opportunity to recognize and thank staff for their valuable contributions in areas of achievement, service, and teamwork.

Each award has its own eligibility and award criteria. Please review the nomination guidelines thoroughly when submitting your nomination and share clear specific examples of the outstanding work or service the nominee has performed or exhibited.

All nominations are submitted online and self-nominations are not permitted. Prior to submitting a nomination, please review the description of each award and guidelines below.

Award Categories

Clay Adamson Facilities Services Employee of the Year Award

The Clay Adamson Facilities Services Employee of the Year Award recognizes excellence in job performance during the previous year by a Facilities Service Division employee for Augusta University. This award is made possible by an endowment fund established by Mr. Clay Adamson Jr. Mr. Adamson was the Director of the Medical College of Georgia Physical Plant Division which is now Facilities Services Division of Augusta University until his retirement in 1997 after 30 years of dedicated service.

Guidelines Nominate

James A. & Erie P. Blissit Award

The James A. & Erie P. Blissit Award honors an Augusta University employees who performs outstanding administrative support services and promotes a positive image for Augusta University. This award is made possible by an endowment fund established by the late James A. Blissit. Mr. Blissit was the vice president and Treasurer Emeritus of the Medical College of Georgia now Augusta University. The award is in memory of his late wife, Erie, who retired from the Medical College of Georgia after 30 years of service. Mrs. Blissit served 17 years as an administrative assistant to the president.


Golden Pen Award

The Golden Pen Award recognizes employees who have reached a significant level of achievement and excellence in both their professional career and in their promotion of Augusta University by publishing and/or presenting outside Augusta University. Nominees must demonstrate skills of both style and clarity of presentation in one or more articles published in a professional journal or publication during the previous 12 months and should have demonstrated outstanding leadership and effort through a speaking engagement at a professional conference during the previous 12 months.


Service Excellence Award

The Service Excellence Award recognizes outstanding performance and service to the Augusta University community by exhibiting exemplary interactions with fellow employees, students, patients, and their families.



The SPIRIT Award recognizes an individual who embodies the values of Augusta University. It honors someone who consistently sets the ethical bar high in managing resources, making daily decisions and service delivery. Nominees should be employees who embrace guiding principles set for the greater good which inspire the trust of others.


Teamwork Award

The Teamwork Award recognizes high performing teams who model open communication, trust, cooperation and respect for differences by building effective and collaborative relationships to accomplish organizational goals.