Augusta University School of Public Health: A Unique Approach to Public Health Training

The Augusta University School of Public Health takes a groundbreaking approach to population health improvement. We leverage the strengths of Georgia's only public academic medical center, combining public health expertise with clinical knowledge to train future public health leaders.

Our mission is to address Georgia's distinct public health challenges through exceptional education, innovative research, and collaborative community engagement. We offer a variety of degree programs, from specialized master's options to doctoral programs fostering groundbreaking research.

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School of Public Health

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Message from the Dean

Teresa Waters, PhDWelcome to the Augusta University School of Public Health! I am so excited to join Augusta University and get to work. 

With several schools of public health in Georgia already, you may be wondering how the School of Public Health at Augusta University will be different. As with other schools across the country, we care deeply about our community's well-being, and we want to train the next generation of professionals to address the state’s public health problems. 

But Augusta University has the distinction of being the only public academic medical center in Georgia, including colleges of medicine, nursing, dentistry, and allied health. Offering those clinicians the opportunity to blend public health training and approaches with their clinical expertise will significantly boost AU’s impact on the health of individuals and communities across Georgia and beyond. 

Our new School of Public Health will build on and amplify the great work that has already been happening across the university in various colleges and educational programs. By putting everyone under one roof, we can bring together students, faculty, and staff who have a deep knowledge of and commitment to Georgia’s diverse communities. The synergies created by combining this outstanding talent in a single school will allow us to meaningfully address the distinct public health challenges faced in this state. I am thrilled to join AU to meet these challenges.

At Augusta University’s School of Public Health, there are multiple pathways for students aiming to become leaders in public health. We offer a range of degree options, from master's programs that delve into specialized areas to doctoral programs that will foster groundbreaking research.

But our vision goes beyond the walls of our classrooms. We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting out there. We're all about community engagement. That means working with local organizations, partnering with public health heroes, and finding real solutions that make a real impact.

I'm thrilled to be leading this school, and I promise you, we're going to have a great time shaping its future. We want to create an environment where our students, faculty and community partners can learn together, solve problems together, and form lifelong relationships.

So, whether you're already a part of the Augusta University family or thinking about joining us – I'm sending you a warm invitation! Let's take advantage of our unique place among universities in Georgia to be a partner for positive change in our communities, across the state and beyond our borders. At Augusta University’s School of Public Health, we have an opportunity “like no other” to improve the health of Georgia.

Our Mission

The mission of Augusta University’s School of Public Health is to improve population health, promote individual well-being, and support all in achieving their maximum health potential through our commitment to education, research, service, and community engagement.

We intend to accomplish our mission with the following strategies:

Educate the next generation of public health professionals using evidence-based teaching best practices.

Advance knowledge in public health through interdisciplinary research and scholarship.

Establish and foster community partnerships that encourage the identification of priorities and implementation of programs designed to improve public health.

Expand the public health workforce in rural and/or underserved communities.

Let's make something great together


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