The Department of Physics and Biophysics educates students at all levels including general education, baccalaureate preparation for scientific and teaching careers, and masters level education. 

A degree in physics provides valuable research and critical thinking skills which prepare students to follow many different paths including further studies in physics and other areas of science and engineering, teaching careers at all levels, and positions in the private sector wherever analytical, computational, and problem-solving skills are highly valued. We offer physics majors and graduate students a high quality physics education with small classes in a research oriented environment. Our programs are developed and led by faculty who are excellent teachers and also maintain active, world-class research programs.

Our small class sizes, ground-breaking research opportunities, and one-on-one interaction with world class professors are what makes an experience like no other.

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Department of Physics and Biophysics

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Programs Designed for Impact

Our programs offer rigorous training in analytical and quantitative skills for rewarding and challenging jobs in a variety of sectors, including science, education, law, business, technology, and more.

Physics, BS

This program provides a strong foundation in classical and modern physics to solve quantitative physics problems, perform experimental work, and effectively communicate results.


Nuclear Science

This concentration of the Physics, BS will prepare graduates to enter nuclear power plant specific training or attend graduate school for nuclear physics or nuclear engineering.


Dual Degree

Complete a BS in physics while earning an integrated Master of Arts in Teaching where you will learn the skills necessary to teach this content to students at the secondary level.



The physics minor provides a foundation in classical and modern physics and allows students to explore more advanced topics in physics through elective choices.


An Education Like No Other

The College of Science and Mathematics provides students with strong foundations in the sciences as well as preparation for careers, citizenship, and a life-long love of learning. We are committed to providing experiences promoting scientific inquiry and discovery and dedicated to creating opportunities for intellectual growth and community involvement.