Thursdays at 9 AM in the Interdisciplinary Research Building Room CA-2109, *unless otherwise noted

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Ellison Lectureship Greenblatt Lectureship Mahesh Lectureship Muldoon Lectureship

Seminar Director Contact:  Dr. Justine Abais-Battad (CA 3145, 706-721-1321)

2022-2023 Speaker Institution  Title Location

September 15, 2022

Denisha Spires, PhD Augusta University

“Renal Histaminergic System in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension”


September 22, 2022

John Henry Dasinger, PhD Augusta University

"Investigations into Immune Mechanisms of Preeclampsia"


September 29, 2022

Perenkita Mendiola, PhD Augusta University

"Neurovascular Coupling and Cognitive Dysfunction in a Novel Murine Model of High Blood Pressure Variability"


October 6, 2022

No Seminar  


October 13, 2022 Riyaz Mohamed, PhD Augusta University

"Neuronal guidance cue Netrin-1 in pathophysiology of polycystic kidney disease (PKD)"

October 20, 2022 Aleksandra Zamaro, PhD Augusta University

“ANP-mediated shift in renal mitochondrial metabolism in salt-sensitive hypertension”


October 27, 2022


Qin Wang, MD, PhD Augusta University "Targeting GPCR signaling for Alzheimer's Treatment" CA-2109
November 3, 2022 Paul O'Connor, PhD Augusta University

"Ischemic acute kidney injury: too little blood? Or too much?"


November 10, 2022 Klaus Ley, PhD Augusta University-Center for Immunology

"Integrin Activation"



November 17, 2022 Paul Langridge, PhD Augusta University

"An in vivo platform to study mechanosensitive Notch and synNotch receptor activation"



November 24, 2022 No Seminar, Thanksgiving      


November 30, 2022


Rong Tian (Muldoon Lectureship)


University of Washington


"Mitochondrial Mechanisms in Heart Failure"



December 8, 2022 Patrick Drew Penn State University "Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make: Neurovascular Coupling in the Behaving Brain"


December 15, 2022 Lance Benson University of Arkansas Medical Center in Little Rock "Activated CD8+ T Cells Contribute to the Pathogenesis of Hypertension" CA-2109
January 5, 2023 No seminar    


January 12, 2023 Daria Ilatovskaya Augusta University-Physiology "Key Sex Differences in Mitochondrial Bioenergetic Signatures in Rat Kidney" 


January 19, 2023 CWE Seminar Augusta University-Center for Writing Excellence "Center for Writing Excellence"


January 26, 2023 Bernard Ogola Augusta University-VBC "The Relentless X: Sex Hormones and Sex Chromosomes in CVD"


February 2, 2023 Jennifer Pluznik The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine "An Evolutionarily Conserved Olfactory Receptor is Required for Sex Differences in Blood Pressure Regulation"


February 9, 2023 Jin O-Uchi University of Minnesota "Novel Variants of Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter (MCU) and their Physiological and Pathological Roles”



February 16, 2023 Ravi Rungta University of Montreal

“Investigating Neurovascular Interactions Across Space and Time”


February 23, 2023

Vishal Patel UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX

"PKD1 Gene Therapy for Polycystic Kidney Disease"

March 2, 2023 Rajesh Gupta Toledo "The Role of cell-free hemoglobin and Hemopexin in Acute Kidney Injury" CB-2318
March 9, 2023 Samir Parikh (Greenblatt Special Lecture) UT Southwestern "NAD+ and Physiological Stress Resistance in the Kidney" CB-3801
March 16, 2023 Malgorzata (Gosia) Kasztan University of Alabama at Birmingham "Advances in Our Understanding of Sickle Cell Nephropathy" CB-2318
March 23, 2023 Vijay Ganta Augusta University-VBC "Epigenetic and Metabolic Regulation of Hypoxic Angiogenesis in Peripheral Artery Disease" CB-2318
March 30, 2023 Eric B. Taylor University of Iowa "Mitochondrial Control of Hepatic De Novo Lipogenesis" CB-2318
April 6, 2023 No Seminar-Masters Week      
April 13, 2023 APS Summit Practice Talks      
April 20, 2023 APS SUMMIT 2023      
April 27, 2023 Christopher Banek University of Arizona   TBD
May 4, 2023 Mary Weiser-Evans University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus   TBD
May 11, 2023 Spring Symposium-Gerald Karsenty, Annet Kirabo, Valentin Pavlov Columbia University; Vanderbilt University; The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research    
May 18, 2023 Joey Granger (Mahesh Lecture) UMMC   TBD
May 25, 2023