Thank you for your interest in making a gift to the Department of Physiology!

Your support is essential to the research, education, and mission of the department to train
independent, creative, productive scholars in the physiological sciences.

All donations made will be held at the Medical College of Georgia Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

If you have any questions about making a gift, please contact the Foundation 706-823-5500.

When choosing a fund, please remember:

  • Endowment funds (Funds with P after the number) are secured funds that provide interest over time
  • Expendable funds (Funds with T after the number) allow the department immediate access for current needs

Learn about the Department of Physiology funds:

Physiology Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Endowment Fund
The purpose of this endowment is to support Physiology graduate students and postdoctoral fellows training in the department. 
 Endocrinology Fund
This fund supports the  programs and activities of the Department of Physiology.
Greenblatt Lectureship
Supports the Robert B. Greenblatt Lectureship to invite an outstanding endocrinologist to deliver a scientific lecture annually on the campus of the Medical College or in the City of Augusta.
Herbert S. Kupperman Endowed Chair
The purpose of this endowment is to support a chair in cardiovascular disease.
Lois Ellison Lectureship
Supports the annual Lois T. Ellison Lectureship and sponsors other activities for post-doctoral fellows, students, faculty, staff, and other associated members of the Department of Physiology, which enhances the educational and/or research missions of the department.
Mahesh Lectureship & Graduate Award
Supports research and education in the field of endocrinology. An outstanding scientist in the field of endocrinology will be invited annually to present a seminar and meet with faculty and students to discuss  research findings and new directions in research. The Virendra B. Mahesh Graduate Student Award will be presented on the Graduate Student Research Day to the best student poster presented by a graduate student in the area of endocrinology.
Mr. Sohrab Modi and Mr. and Mrs. Lal C. Bhalla (Shanti) Endowment Fund
Supplements research expenses of the Department of Physiology faculty, including research supplies and personnel, at the discretion of the Chairman of the Department of Physiology. The fund may also be used to support graduate and MD/PhD students. This named endowment honors the mentor and parents, respectively, of long-time MCG professor of endocrinology and physiology Vinod K. Bhalla, PhD.
Thomas Muldoon Lectureship
Supports the Thomas G. Muldoon Lectureship in the Department of Physiology and Endocrinology.  Excess funds can be used to enhance research.
W. F. Hamilton Memorial Fund
Supports the teaching of Physiology at the Medical College of Georgia as determined by the Dean of MCG and Chairman of the
Department of Physiology.