The curriculum for the fellowship will accommodate those trained either in pediatrics or emergency medicine. Our goal is to customize one’s fellowship while meeting board requirements. 
As part of a large academic institution with significant resources, it is conceivable that fellows could obtain additional certifications/qualifications by participating in additional educational programs simultaneously. Available on campus are a Masters in Clinical and Translational Science, Public Health (Health Informatics, Health Management, and Environmental Health). Newly developed programs will be advancing an MD/MBA program that will most likely be available as well. The EM department has multiple fellowships for whom the industrious and disciplined fellow may pursue jointly. This is evaluated on a yearly basis for availability and feasibility.  

  • 95% of rotations occur on the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University Campus (only pediatric critical care burns will occur off of campus).

  • Our goal is to produce excellent pediatric emergency medicine physicians who will excel in the clinical, educational and research realms and be potential leaders in the field.  

  • Please see the following links for a more in-depth description of the curriculum for both pediatric and emergency medicine graduates.


2020 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Conferences and Meetings