Funding for PhD Students
We offer a Graduate Research Assistantship to competitive PhD students that consists:

  • A $20,000 9-month (fall and spring semesters) stipend during course work years and a $25,000 12-month stipend during the research years
  • Student health insurance for a single adult, and
  • Tuition reduction to $25 per semester. 

Graduate Research Assistants provide statistical consulting support as well as methodological statistical work with their mentor in order to gain practical application and methodological development skills on real world applications of biostatistics in the health sciences.

  • PhD and MS in Biostatistics
    • Applicants should have good mathematical abilities, have good problem solving skills, and be good communicators.  Since biostatistics is the application of statistics in the health sciences, biostatisticians typically communicate with health scientists and the ability to explain the results of complex analyses to non-statisticians is essential.
    • Mathematics prerequisites at a minimum include three semesters of undergraduate level calculus (including multivariable calculus) and a semester of undergraduate level linear or matrix algebra.
  • MS in Data Science
    • We welcome highly talented applicants across the usual boundaries of mathematical sciences as well as other scientific disciplines to apply for our MS Data Science program. Specifically, applicants are expected to have good quantitative abilities, problem solving and computer programing and data management skills, and be good communicators. 


  • MS in Epidemiology
    • Highly talented applicants from a variety of academic disciplines (psychology, sociology, biology, nursing, medicine, etc.) are welcome to apply for our MS Epidemiology program. The applicants are expected to have good problem solving skills and be good communicators. Both recent graduates and mid-career professionals may apply for the program. 


  • PhD and MS in Biostatistics
    • Our graduates have gone on to work at the government agencies such as the EPA, insurance companies including Humana and BlueCross and BlueShield, academic institutions including Emory, Medical University of South Carolina, Georgia Southern University, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as WL Gore and Associates.
    • To gain an understanding of the job opportunities that are available for PhD and MS level biostatisticians visit the Statistics Job Board
  •  Master or Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science
    • Alumni of our CTS programs continue to work at Augusta University yet are now involved in research in Stroke, Sickle Cell disease, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Telemedicine and more. 




Transcripts – The Division of Biostatistics and Data Science strongly encourages applicants to present a scanned copy of all transcripts at the time of application submission, which can hasten the decision making process. Nevertheless, a final official transcript will be required of all students before an official decision can be made. Applicants who have attended international establishments must submit transcripts along with a course-by-course evaluation and degree certification using one of the three Augusta University approved evaluation services.


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