Since the establishment of the department, laboratory and clinical research have been and continue to be important endeavors.

Just as the best clinical care evolves in a situation designed for the best learning experience, an inquisitive critical atmosphere naturally leads to clinical and laboratory research by the participants. Thus all of our full-time faculty have been involved in research to a varying degree, and all residents are encouraged to participate in some type of research. Because research in the clinical sciences is nurtured by advances in the basic sciences, interdisciplinary relationships have been developed and continue to contribute to the research programs in the department.

Major Laboratory Investigations

  1. The biochemistry of keratinization
  2. Keratinous acid glycosaminoglycans
  3. Aging and disease changes in skin connective tissue
  4. Cutaneous blistering and lysosomes
  5. Elastic tissue diseases
  6. Effects of burns on skin metabolism
  7. Epidermal ribonucleases and nucleotides
  8. Biochemical changes in psoriatic scale
  9. Effects of methotrexate and ethanol drug interactions and effects on the liver
  10. The epidermal cell cycle in normal, psoriatic, and malignant skin
  11. Corticosteroid - induced cutaneous atrophy
  12. Role of immunocytes and immunosuppressants in aging
  13. Effects of vitamin A and corticosteroids on granulomas


Clinical Research

   Historical and Completed Clinical Investigations

  1. Evaluation of potent topical steroids in terms of systemic absorption and efficacy
  2. New therapeutic agents for acne vulgaris
  3. New therapeutic agents for superficial fungal infections
  4. Hair root protein analysis as a measure of human protein malnutrition
  5. Skin reactive factors in Candida Albicans
  6. Therapeutic agents in congenital porphyria
  7. New topical corticosteroids for the treatment of psoriasis
  8. Phenytoin treatment of epidermolysis bullosa
  9. Hepatitis B infections in dermatology
  10. Nutritional factors such as selenium in prevention of skin cancer
  11. Effects of Lac-Hydrin on Keratosis Pilaris
  12. Assessment of photodamaged skin treated with topical isotretinoin
  13. Treatment of patients with onychomycosis of the toenails with Terbinafine
  14. Treatment of basal cell carcinoma with fluorouracil / epinephrine injectable gel
  15. Use of topical imiquimod cream to treat visible, external genital / perianal warts in male and female patients
  16. Use of oral Valtrex 500 mg to treat recurrent genital herpes
  17. Use of topically applied tacrolimus to treat atopic dermatitis in pediatric patients
  18. Use of butenafine to treat Tinea Pedis
  19. Use of topically applied tacrolimus to treat atopic dermatitis in adult patients
  20. Prevention of cheilitis associated with oral isotretinoin treatment in severe nodular acne patients