Common Skin Diseases, Rare and Unusual Skin Diseases, Bullous Skin Diseases, Connective Tissue Diseases, Cutaneous Oncology

Members of the Department of Dermatology diagnose and treat minor, as well as difficult, diseases of the skin, hair and nails in both adults and children. This includes skin tumors, psoriasis, acne, and severe atopic dermatitis. The section has special expertise and interest in the treatment of blistering diseases, cutaneous allergy, connective tissues diseases, fungal disease, vasculitis, and skin cancer.

We perform a variety of procedures including dermatologic surgery and Psoralen UVA (PUVA) for the treatment of psoriasis, and serve as a regional referral center for many difficult dermatologic disorders.

The division holds regular outpatient clinics and maintains an inpatient service at the Augusta University Hospital and Clinics for patients with difficult dermatologic disorders.

We offer a full spectrum of medical and surgical skin care to patients of all ages, including:

■ General Dermatology: Diagnosis and therapy of dermatitis; eczema; psoriasis; acne; warts; infectious skin problems including viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases; venereal diseases; blistering diseases; cutaneous manifestations of internal disease; hair and nail problems; moles and other skin growths; and assessment and surgical treatment of premalignant and malignant skin lesions

■ Immunodermatology: Immunofluorescent studies on serum and biopsy specimens of patients with blistering disorders, connective tissue diseases, porphyria or other immunologically related disorders

■ Phototherapy: UVB and Psoralen UVA (PUVA) for the therapy of psoriasis, vitiligo and other ultraviolet light-responsive disorders

■ Laser Surgery: State of the art laser therapy for a variety of dermatologic disorders

■ Pediatric Dermatology: Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases of infants and children, including surgical and laser treatments of a variety of problems, especially vascular lesions

■ Patch Testing: Identification of the causes of contact allergies

■ Dermatologic Surgery: Full spectrum of skin surgery procedures, including excisions, flaps, grafts, nail surgery, laser surgery, chemical peels, and sclerotherapy

■ Information and Referrals: The Centralized Appointment Scheduling Service, designed specifically for patient referrals to the Dermatology Practice Site can be contacted through the MCG Consult Line. We welcome physician inquiries, and it is our policy to respond promptly and comprehensively. To speak with a faculty member, to consult about a patient, or to refer a patient, call the toll free MCG Consult Line at 1-800-733-1828. Our 24 hour toll free telephone number provides in-state and out-of-state health professionals with constant access to our physicians and other experts for referrals, consultation emergencies and information. If preferred, each physician can be phoned individually at his or her direct dial number.

If you need to write us or send patient information to a physician, please use our practice site address:

Dermatology Practice Site
Augusta University
Ambulatory Care Center
Room BP 5101
Augusta, Georgia 30912

When accepting patient referrals, Section physicians request that copies of pathology slides, reports, or laboratory work and summaries of any medication the patient is taking be forwarded either through the mail or sent with the patient.