Medical students will gain basic knowledge of the field, develop fundamental technical skills, and delve into the important role of anesthesiologists as perioperative physicians.

Clerkships are 4-week rotations in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. We have anesthesia (OR), critical care, pain medicine, and away anesthesia clerkships. Hands-on learning is complemented by a daily lecture series designed just for medical students. You'll be encouraged to discuss topics with your assigned resident to gain a clear understanding of important principles in this specialty.

We also offer an anesthesia externship, also known as the graduate assistant program in anesthesiology.

Another opportunity to explore anesthesia on campus is the student-led Anesthesia Interest Group.

In 2020, we began a more systematic way to connect medical students interested in research with anesthesia faculty who could use a hand in their research projects (forms may work better in Chrome).

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Anesthesiology Clerkship

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Clerkship experience

A typical clerkship day begins by preparing the operating room with the resident-preceptor for that day's cases, then accompanying the resident to meet, interview, and examine patients before discussing the patient's anesthetic plan.

Under supervision, medical students are expected to participate in every aspect of patient's care including: placement of monitors and intravascular catheter, anesthetic maintenance, postoperative care, and pain management. There will also be opportunities to observe and participate in regional or nerve block anesthesia procedures.

Students are encouraged to attend resident conferences and mandatory weekly grand rounds.

ASA medical student guide

SEA medical student guide

ASA poster on anesthesia clerkships

photo of Caryl Bailey, MBBS

Caryl Bailey, MBBS

  • Clerkship Director
photo of Sheryl Ang, MBBS, MRCP

Sheryl Ang, MBBS, MRCP

  • Associate Clerkship Director
photo of Margaret Eakins

Margaret Eakins

  • Clerkship Coordinator

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