Within the mission of the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine is the desire to have a diverse faculty and residency through whom we can better care for our patients. We are also committed to sustainability in the operating room and beyond.

Belonging & Inclusivity is an overarching concept that covers equity, inclusion, and improves wellness and resilience of healthcare professionals. 

Belonging & Inclusivity

Recent Projects

  • In the 2020 study by Drs Dat Phat Vu (mentee) and Mary Arthur (mentor), funded by the  American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Committee on Professional Diversity, surveyed health care workers and students to determine "The Impact of COVID-19 on Shifting Attitudes Towards Asian Patients and Healthcare Providers."
  • Drs Jasmeen Kaur (mentee) and Mary Arthur (mentor) along with medical student Sydney Greenlaw developed a training video to better equip residents, faculty, and medical students to communicate with patients during the preoperative visit as part of their 2021 ASA-funded study, "Equipping Anesthesia Providers in the Time-limited Preoperative Interview to More Effectively Evaluate Patients Through a Lens of Cultural Competency."
  • Dr Caryl Bailey held a simulation workshop for her 2021 ASA-funded study, "Building Medical Student Interest in the Anesthesia Specialty Among Women and People of Color Utilizing Early Introduction and Simulation."
  • Drs Dhruti Diwan, Krishna Shah (mentees) and Mary Arthur (mentor) conducted a Teen Health Camp with the goal of "Sparking an Early Interest in Healthcare to Address the Racial and Ethnic Discordance between Patients and Healthcare Professionals" for their 2022 ASA-funded study. 
  • Drs Zulqar Islam and Ulrica Tull were among the first class of Junior Resident Scholars of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists in 2023. Dr Mary Arthur's article on the Junior Resident Scholar Grant is in the SCA News.
  • Drs Bibiana Avella Molano and Teresa Cabrera Vera are working on an ASA-funded study, "Addressing Maternal Health Equity and Racial and Ethnic Minorities: A Pilot Project to Integrate Population Health Management into Anesthesiology Residency Training" under their mentor, Dr Mary Arthur.
  • Dr Megan Foster and medical student Piawoh Bujung are working on ASA-funded study," Social Determinants of Health in Patients Presenting for Emergency Stroke Intervention" under their mentor, Dr Mary Arthur.
  • Medical students Harini Indrakrishan and Abdullah Chandasir are working on ASA-funded study, "Investigating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Postoperative Complications from Cardiac Surgery at a Safety Net Hospital" under their mentor, Dr Caryl Bailey.

Committee Members

Faculty: Drs Mary Arthur and Sheryl Ang; Residents: Dr Ulrica Tull; Staff: Nadine Odo