The Reserve Service is designed to provide assistance to faculty and students by gathering reserve materials in one location for student use and ensuring that every student in the class has equal access to the assigned material.

Procedure for Placing Materials on Reserve
Please evaluate materials and decide if they are providing the curriculum support intended by this service. If so,

    • Check all print items thoroughly for missing papers and pages
    • Check all audio, video, and software items to make sure that they are in good working order
    • Complete the reserve form using Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Return the form and the items to the Greenblatt Library

Time Guidelines for Placing Materials on Reserve
There are general time guidelines for the placement of items on Reserve. These include:

    • A maximum contiguous time period of one year
    • A limited period of time (one quarter, for example)
    • A minimum of one week is needed to process the items once received by the Library
Note: During peak periods, such as the beginning of each quarter, items should be received by the Library at least two weeks in advance of the desired availability date

Eligible Collections
Materials that may be placed on reserve are:

    • books and audiovisuals from the Library's circulating collection
    • software from the Library's collection
    • personal or departmental copies of books, audiovisuals, and computer software
    • special items such as previous examinations, pamphlets, clippings, charts,and models
    • reprints of journal articles which have been purchased or reproduced following copyright guidelines

Lost Materials
Library borrowers are responsible for return in good condition of reserve materials to the LInC desk. The Library cannot assume responsibility for loss of or damage to materials placed on reserve. All reserve items, whether the property of an instructor, a department or Library-owned, are subject to the following Lost Materials provision originating from the Augusta University Greenblatt Library Circulation Guidelines. Lost or misplaced items should be promptly reported to the LInC. Fines will accrue until items are returned after the loss is reported so the borrower may search for the material.


    • Photocopies - Copies of articles to be placed on reserve must be supplied by the instructor. Due to copyright restrictions, no more than one copy of each title per 15 students in the class may be placed on reserve.
    • Software - Proper licensing and adequate numbers of legal software are required in order to place on reserve.

All reserve materials are available for use in the Library during normal operating hours. There are two categories of reserves: Library Use Only and Circulating

    • Library Use Only - These items do not leave the Library building.
    • Circulating - These items check out for a period of time specified by the class instructor.

All Reserve items are located within the Library Information Center (LInC) desk on the first floor of the Greenblatt Library.

Check Out Information

    • A student presents a current bar-coded Augusta University ID badge to check out a reserve item
    • A student may check out only one library use only item per person at a time. Exceptions include articles (typically a copy of a single journal article or a single book chapter) that may be checked out up to five at one time per student, or other items as directed by the class instructor.
    • Items remain library use only unless circulating check out privileges are requested by the class instructor.
    • Items will be returned back to the LInC desk only.
    • A fine of 35 cents ($0.35) per day per item will accrue if reserve items are not returned to the LInC within the same day check out period (unless a longer period is noted on the item).