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The JagCard is the official identification card for Augusta University and Augusta University Health. All students, faculty, and staff are required to carry their JagCard. If you are on the Health Science Campus you are required to wear your JagCard on your person.

Please read all of the following instructions below before submitting your photo. If a suitable photo is successfully submitted in a timely manner, your JagCard will be processed for production! 

Submitting Your JagCard Photo 
  • Log-in using your AU Credentials. If you have issues logging in, contact AU Help Desk at (706) 721-4000
  • First, select” Submit ID Photo
  • Next, browse and choose your photo
  • Last, select “Upload”

Upload your photo now!

Once the photo has been uploaded properly, you will receive an email message. If your photo was rejected, please see the reason and try to resubmit. If accepted, you will be given instructions on picking up your JagCard.

If, at the beginning of a new school year, your JagCard will be at orientation, check in to receive your card. If in between years or resubmissions, instructions on where to pick up at JagCard office will be provided.

For Augusta University Online students: Once your photo is approved, your JagCard will be mailed to your registered address. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

*Your submitted student JagCard photo becomes the property of Augusta University and may be used for official University business/operations/classroom management*

General Photo Requirements

Any image submitted to the JagCard Office will be used for identification purposes only. The JagCard Office reserves the right to refuse any image that does not adhere to the standards outlined.

Photo Requirements

  • All submitted images must be in a photo file format 
  • Must be a color image, black and white photography is not acceptable
  • Image must be less than six months old
  • You must be the ONLY person in your photo
  • You must be facing forward, looking directly at camera
  • There should be a space between the top of your head and the top of your photo
  • Entire head and shoulders must be visible. 
  • Must have a solid background
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No inappropriate gestures or facial expressions, this is a professional photo
  • No hands over face or props should be in pictures  
  • Image must not have red eye

*Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in your JagCard image being rejected. 

Approved JagCard Image

approved jagcard image