Are you a contractor who needs a JagCard?

You must complete a background check prior to receiving your badge to work on campus. 

Who is eligible for a JagCard?

Any enrolled students or employee of Augusta University or Augusta University Health.

How do I use my JagCard as a form of payment?

Just add money to your card at the JagCard office or RoarStores using cash (RoarStore locations only), check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. It is just that simple, just swipe and go. You may also add funds online.

How can I add a Meal Plan to my card?

You can add a meal plan in the JagCard Office or online. Required Residential Meal Plans are added to your account automatically by housing.

What are the benefits of using the JagCard?

  • Security- It is safer than carrying cash. Leave your wallet locked up and use your JagCard. Since your photo and encoded information are on the JagCard, it is very difficult for someone else to use your card. Your account can be blocked if you lose or misplace the card.
  • Convenience- You no longer have to fumble for money or change to pay for refreshments, snacks, meals, or copies at participating locations. It is faster than using cash or a credit card too!
  • Money Management- It’s an excellent money management tool helping you budget and plan for your campus needs. Look for special discounts at locations that accept the JagCard.
  • Other functions will come available in the future such as secure building access, and new locations where you can use your card are becoming available all the time.

Deposit Money on your JagCard