Allegations of discrimination must be reported within 180 calender days from the date of the last alleged discriminatory act and must violate one of the  following Title VII protected categories.

Chart  A: EEO  Protected Categories
Employment decisions cannot be based on any of these EEO protected categories.

Age Age (40 years or older)
Skin color
Disability Perceived or known physical or mental disability; accommodations for disability
Ethnicity Examples: African-American, Chinese-American, Hispanic, etc.
Gender Sexual harassment, sex discrimination, pregnancy, child  b earing/rearing,wages   based on gender, status as a parent
Genetic Information Genetic test, disease, or disorder of an individual or family member
National Origin Place of birth, parentage
Race Asian, Black, Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian, Alaskan Native/American Indian, Caucasian
Religion Belief, practice, and/or celebration of one’s spiritual faith; accommodations for religious holidays, practice, etc.
Retaliation Adverse employment action or act of revenge taken against a person filing or participating in any EEO complaint whether alleged or validated.
Sexual Orientation Sexual preference or perceived sexual preference for member(s) of same or opposite gender
Veteran Status Status as a Vietnam Era veteran or other protected veteran status

Ways to Report Allegations of Discrimination

You can download an EEO Complaint form, complete it and return it to AU Employee Relations by:

Upon receipt of a complaint, AU Employee Relations will review the complaint and a determination will be made as to whether or not to proceed with a formal investigation, or proceed with management review.  Complainants are asked to allow two (2) business days after submission for AU Employee Relations to conduct the review and respond.  Absence of a written complaint does not prevent the office from initiating an investigation.

The Complainant should provide sufficient information to support the allegation(s) of discrimination. This information can include emails, notes, pictures or any items which can help substantiate the claim(s). The accused will be informed of the allegations, and may provide an explanation and/or denial statement regarding the allegations. 

In any proceedings, the investigation will be under the direction of AU Employee Relations.

Notification of EEO Complaint

After submitting a  public report or EEO Intake Complaint form, notification will be made to the relevant parties (i.e. department management, the Accused, Provost, Vice President of Human Resources, and General Counsel for Legal Affairs).

Investigation Confidentiality

The AA/EEO Officer will endeavor to complete the investigation within a reasonable timeframe.   Throughout the investigation, confidentiality will be maintained to the extent that it does not impede the investigation or prevent corrective actions from being taken. Participants may have a non-legal person attend interview meetings. However, this person will not represent the employee or take an active part in the interview proceedings.


Augusta University officials may not fire, demote, harass, or otherwise “retaliate” against individuals who: (1) file or encourage one to file a complaint of unlawful discrimination, (2) participate in an investigation of unlawful discrimination, or (3) oppose unlawful discrimination in one or more of the listed protected categories. An individual who reasonably believes that he/she has experienced retaliation under these procedures, should report the incident to AU Employee Relations.

External Complaints

AU Employee Relations is responsible for responding to complaints from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity (GCEO). AU Employee Relations will request information from sources (e.g. departments, human resources, etc.) in order to facilitate an appropriate response. A response to an external agency usually has a preset deadline.

Record Keeping

AU Employee Relations will maintain a record of EEO Complaints for a period of seven (7) years.