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Student walking outside of resident building

Utilities & Maintenance

tshirt icon Laundry

The laundry facilities in our residence halls are free to use for every resident.

Locations of Laundry Rooms

  • Elm Hall - On every floor near the middle stairway
  • Oak Hall - On every floor in the middle of the building
  • University Village - In the clubhouse

Laundry Tips

  • Empty Pockets: We are having a big issue with bobby pins getting stuck in the pumps and breaking the washers.
  • Soap Use: Only a small amount. Follow manufacturer's instructions. If using a front-load washer, ONLY USE H-E (high-efficiency) type detergent. Look for the H-E logo on the bottle. All brands make this type.
  • Stains: Pretreat stains. If a stain does not come out in the wash, don't dry it! Drying can set stains. Try pre-treating and washing again.
  • Clothing Labels: Each item of clothing has instructions listed that will tell you how to wash/dry properly. Read them.
  • Sorting: Separate lights and darks unless you want all of your clothes to be the same color!
  • Lint Filter: Make sure you clean out the dryer lint filter every time.
  • 1 wash load = 1 dry load: Do not try and dry more than 1 wash load as it will not dry!
  • Please report any service issues so we can fix them promptly!

Wash Alert

All of our machines are connected to the Wash Alert app. This app allows you to:

  • Track your laundry
  • Receive a text message when your loud is done in a machine
  • Track the availability of machines within your community
  • Submit work orders for the laundry machines 

tv icon Internet and Cable

How to Connect to the Internet

  1. Connect to "MyResNet Start Here" from your available wireless networks.
  2. Open a browser to access the portal.
  3. Once you have your account set-up, please forget "MyResNet Start Here" from your list of wireless networks.
  4. Select "MyResNet-5G" from your list of wireless networks and enter your password.

Cable in the Residence Halls

Cable is provided in all of our Residence Halls.

If you are having issues with your cable please contact MyResNet customer service at 1-855-377-4162.

tools icon Maintenance

Submit a maintenance work order request. Please be as detailed as possible as this will assist the staff in identifying the issue.

Elm Hall or Oak Hall

Immediate Concern?

Elm Hall: Call 706-829-4165
Oak Hall: Call 706-513-0224

University Village

Immediate Concern?

Call 706-533-7162

Mail and Packages

Mail at the Residence Halls

Mail is delivered to the residence halls Monday through Friday.

You will receive an email when there is a package delivered for you. Please have your Jag ID present when picking up a package in your community. Packages can be picked up from the front desk/clubhouse until midnight.

If you have any questions, please you can email Residence Life.

Mailing Addresses for Residence Halls

Please make sure that mail being sent to any of our residence halls is in the format below depending on the hall you live in.

University Village

Mail to residents should be addressed as follows:

Apt # Jaguar Way
Augusta, GA 30909

Oak Hall

Mail to residents should be addressed as follows:

830 Spellman St.
Box  XXX
Augusta, GA 30912

Elm Hall

Mail to residents should be addressed as follows:

840 Spellman St.
Augusta, GA 30912

Forwarding Mail

Students may need to go to a United States Postal office and pick up a paper Official USPS® Change-of-Address form. Students who live in Elm Hall & Oak Hall cannot do this online because the buildings are considered part of the whole campus of Augusta University.

United States Post Office Locations

Closest to Elm Hall & Oak Hall

525 8th St.
Augusta, GA 30901

Closest to University Village

3301 Wrightsboro Rd.
Augusta, GA 30909

Closing Information

Undergraduate residence halls close at the end of Fall and Spring semesters. At the end of Fall semester, residence halls close for Winter Break and residents are required to leave while personal belongings are locked and secured in their assigned suites.

During closing meetings, RA's will provide residents with information regarding leaving the room and personal belongings during Winter Break if the resident plans on returning to the residence hall for Spring semester. Information regarding move out will also be provided if the resident does not plan on returning in the Spring.