Housing and Residence Life is committed to achieving access and equal opportunity for all Augusta University students, including those with disabilities. This procedure guides the department in responding appropriately to the individuals needs of the resident.

The Office of Testing and Disability Services (TDS) is responsible for reviewing all requests for accommodations. Accommodations in campus housing may be approved on a case-by-case basis for students who demonstrate a significant need for these accommodations due to a diagnosed disability.

Augusta University, through TDS, reserves the right to determine eligibility for services based on the nature of the diagnosed disorder, the seriousness of the impact of the diagnosed disorder, and the reasonableness, feasibility and availability of the requested accommodation.

Students requesting housing accommodations must submit the required packet with supporting medical/psychological documentation and complete the approval process with the services to become registered with the office. All documentation submitted will received confidential review by TDS.

Students must also be eligible to reside in housing; this is defined as enrolled as a full-time student as defined by their academic program. Students must follow general housing procedures, should be aware of published policies and deadlines for housing requests,  and should consult with Housing and Residence Life for more information.

Housing and Residence Life will make reasonable efforts to accommodate a student’s preference regarding location and room type indicated on the housing application; however, Housing and Residence Life’s first priority is to accommodate disability-related housing needs and then to meet room type preferences.  Some requests for housing accommodations may require renewal on a yearly basis depending on the nature of the diagnosed disorder.

Roommates will be assigned to students approved for housing accommodations in the same manner as other residential students. Rental rates for student with approved housing accommodations shall be set at the same rate as other students except in situations as may be determined by TDS and Housing and Residence Life.

Students requesting housing accommodations are encouraged to submit their request and supporting documentation to TDS no later than the following dates:

Entering Fall Semester

April 1

Entering Spring Semester

Oct 1

Entering Summer Semester

March 1


Housing accommodation requests received by TDS after the above dates will be accepted and considered; however, TDS reviews all accommodation requests in the order they are received. The review of accommodation requests can be a time-consuming process and TDS cannot guarantee that housing accommodation requests received after the above dates will be reviewed and approved in time to meet general housing deadlines.


  1. Student must be admitted to the university before housing accommodation request can be reviewed.
  2. Student must follow general housing procedures requesting student housing, should remain aware of required housing deadlines, and should consult Housing and Residence Life for questions and more information.
  3. Student must apply to TDS for housing accommodations, and other types of accommodations by completing the following process:
    1. Submission of a completed and signed intake application (available online or by contacting TDS)
    2. Completion of an initial interview conducted by a TDS staff member
    3. Submission of the medial and/or psychological documentation that supports the need for the requested accommodation
    4. f the housing accommodation is approved, TDS will inform Housing and Residence Life of approval status and requirements
    5. Housing and Residence Life will make student assignment per the instructions received by TDS.

This procedure also includes individuals requesting the following: service animals, service animals in training, puppy raisers and alternates, and emotional support animals.


The university has a responsibility to maintain confidentiality of disability-related documentation and may not release any part of the documentation with the student’s informed and written consent, or written release from the diagnosing professional or agency except as allowed by law. TDS and Housing and Residence Life must receive written consent to discuss with parents, or legal guardian, confidential information regarding a student’s disability.