Undergraduate Standard Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Employment  
Graduate Standard Scholarships, Loans, Employment  
Military Standard Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Employment Military Leave and Earnings Statement sometimes required for Verification purposes. DD214
Post-Bacc Standard Loans Post-Baccalaureate Certification Form & Direct Loan Application are required
Transfer Standard Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Employment  
Transient Regular for Augusta University Students. If Augusta University is your HOST institution, you must complete the application process through your HOME school. Grants, Scholarships and Loans (aid varies whether Augusta Univeristy is the HOME or HOST institution) Augusta University Students going elsewhere must complete an Intent for Transient Study form and submit copies of their Request for Transient Permission and schedule/bill from the HOST school. Other students (for whom Augusta University is HOST) must have HOME school send a Consortium Agreement to Augusta University. Typically all tuition and fees must be paid out of pocket. 
Study Abroad Standard Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Employment May be eligible for additional funding based on cost of program
Dual Enrolled Complete application through GSFC website. Dual Enrollment Funds  
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Undergraduate students use the standard application process for federal aid, scholarships, and the HOPE Scholarship Programs.

As an undergraduate student, you may qualify for all types of aid Augusta University offers including grants, scholarships, loans and employment.

Graduate students use the standard application process for federal aid, scholarships, and the HOPE Scholarship Programs (if applicable).

As a graduate student, you may qualify for scholarships, loans, and employment.

If you are also working as a Graduate Assistant on campus, you should be aware that your Cost of Attendance will be lower due to your tuition waiver.

Military students or students of military families use the standard application process for federal aid, scholarships, and the HOPE Scholarship Programs.

While the application process is standard, there are occasions when military students and their families may be required to submit additional documents such as DD214's, Military Leave & Earnings Statements, etc.

You may qualify for all types of aid Augusta University offers including grants, scholarships, loans and employment. You may also qualify for Veterans Benefits and other military tuition assistance programs. Active duty soldiers, National Guard, reservists and veterans should contact Military & Veterans Services for questions about these opportunities. Tuition Assistance programs do not cover fees, books and other related costs, so students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA process. Scholarship opportunities for service and affiliated family members are posted on the Military & Veterans Services website.

Post-baccalaureate students follow the standard application process. Post-baccalaureates typically only qualify for loans. Federal Student Aid regulations require aid recipients to be in a degree-seeking program, a certification program, or taking preparatory coursework which is necessary for admission into a graduate or professional program and must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program in order to be eligible.

They must complete a Direct Loan Request Form and a Post-Baccalaureate Certification Form (with an advisor). Generally, in order to be considered eligible for student loans, post-baccalaureate students must be seeking a second bachelor's degree, teacher certification or graduate school admission. Post-baccalaureate students seeking "personal enrichment" do not qualify for financial aid.

Transfer students use the standard application process for federal aid, scholarships, and the HOPE Scholarship Programs.

Transfer students may qualify for all types of aid Augusta University offers including grants, scholarships, loans and employment.

In order to be awarded financial aid, all of your transcripts must be received and evaluated by the Augusta University Registrar's Office. Transfer students will be placed on Transfer Monitoring with the National Student Loans Database System (NSLDS) 7 days prior to the first day of class. Students should plan accordingly for possible out-of-pocket expenses, because financial aid cannot be awarded until clearance has been received from NSLDS.

Students who are temporarily attending a university while maintaining enrollment at another (HOME) institution are considered transient. For these students, financial aid is awarded through the HOME institution.

If you are a Augusta University student attending a HOST institution, you must complete the standard financial aid application process. Additionally, you must submit a copy of your Request for Transient Permission (from the Registrar's Office), a copy of your schedule/bill from the HOST institution and a Statement of Intent for Consortium Study to the Augusta University Office of Student Financial Aid. Once these documents are received, our office will send a Consortium Agreement to the HOST institution. The HOST institution will certify enrollment and return the agreement to Augusta University. Our office will then update your enrollment in our system and disburse any aid for which you may be eligible. Students must pay for tuition, fees, books, etc., out of pocket at the HOST institution. Reimbursement will not occur until after the completed consortium agreement has been received from the HOST institution.

You are responsible for requesting that your academic transcript from the HOST institution be sent to Augusta University at the end of your enrollment. Your student account will remain on hold and no financial aid can be awarded until this transcript is received and evaluated.

If Augusta University is not your HOME institution, you must pay your tuition and fees up front at Augusta University. You must request that your HOME institution submit a Consortium Agreement to our office. After the schedule adjustment period ends, our office will certify your enrollment and send the completed consortium agreement to your HOME institution.

HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship recipients are an exception. These students must request their HOME institution send a HOPE Transient Request Certificate to the HOST institution. HOPE and Zell can be received through the HOST institution, but students will be required to pay any amounts not covered by these scholarships out of pocket.

Students enrolled in a Study Abroad Program must complete the standard application process. In most cases, these students are eligible for grants, scholarships loans and employment.

There are no specific scholarships or aid available for Study Abroad Programs, though students may request a Cost of Attendance adjustment if the charges for the study abroad program exceed their regular cost of attendance.

Due to the additional cost of study abroad programs, students may wish to request a Cost of Attendance Increase. This could enable them to borrow additional loan funds to pay for study abroad expenses. Interested students should inquire with the OSFA about this process.

The Study Abroad Office does offer some Study Abroad Scholarships. For more information, please contact The Study Abroad Students may contact the Study Abroad Office. for additional information.

Students should be mindful that program payments are typically due the semester before their particular program begins and should plan accordingly.

Students who are classified as dual-enrolled are only eligible for dual enrollment funds. You must complete the application on the Georgia Student Finance Commission website and submit it to your high school. Your high school will certify the application and send your information to Augusta University.