The Georgia Cancer Center’s Community STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Integration program is designed to promote and develop the next generation of biomedical professionals. In conjunction with our community partners, we strive to provide programs and learning experiences that advance training and promote STEM careers.

Workshops, Mentorship Programs, and Collaboration Initiatives

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Teachers’ Research Workshops

Educators from Augusta and neighboring counties gain hands-on training within our Education & Training Laboratory.

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Summer Internship Program

Students and trainees from throughout the US and the world come to the Georgia Cancer Center during the summer months to learn about and participate in cancer basic and clinical science and cancer prevention research.

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Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Partnership

The Georgia Cancer Center collaborates with the Georgia Statewide AHEC Network in its mission to respond to the problems of health professionals in rural and underserved areas.

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Georgia Youth Science Technology Center (GYSTC) Partnership

The Georgia Cancer Center serves as the GYSTC@Augusta site and supports GYSTC’s mission to offer quality programs for teachers of STEM subjects to improve the teaching and learning process at the kindergarten through 8th grade levels.

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Aiken County Career & Technology Center (ACCTC)

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Aiken County Career & Technology Center (ACCTC), part of the Aiken County Public School District (ACPSD), and the Georgia Cancer Center (GCC), as part of a collaboration to build a cancer research education pipeline program for local underrepresented high school students. The program will ultimately provide a framework to (1) attract promising students to engage in cancer research immersion opportunities at the GCC & facilitate their pursuit of careers in cancer research; (2) provide cancer research & educational opportunities for teachers to enhance their cancer research knowledge, curriculum development & educational skills; and (3) engage students, their families & community to become knowledgeable about cancer, risk factors, & health disparities.

Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University. 2023 Summer Research Experiences for High School Students. Contains an image of students in white coats using a microscope and sitting talking together in a lab.

Summer Cancer Research Experiences at GCC for High School Students

We invite high school students interested in biomedical sciences to participate in leading-edge cancer research and career exploration at the Georgia Cancer Canter (GCC) at Augusta University. Participants will spend 6 weeks alongside top cancer researchers and help advance novel research projects in cell and molecular biology, cancer immunology, metabolism, clinical investigation, developmental therapeutics, genomics, population science, health disparities, or other focus areas. Students will learn key principles of cancer biology and laboratory investigation, gain hands-on laboratory experience, explore possible career paths, and benefit from individual mentoring and ongoing interactions with multidisciplinary researchers, students, and colleagues in the GCC community.

Summer Cancer Research Experiences at GCC for High School Students