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David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery
Alumni Awards Gallery
Student Awards Gallery
Student UGA/AU Student Scientific & Medical Exhibition 2021
Student Medical Illustration Exhibition 2020

David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery

Medical illustration is a visual profession with a rich history of artistic excellence. As a profession, we have a tradition of sharing our craft with each other and with students. Through the years, David J. Mascaro collected many outstanding and unique works of art by some of the best artists in both medical and commercial illustration. Max Brödel, Elizabeth Brödel, Gerald Hodge, Bob Demarest, Keith Kasnot, Rebekah Dodson, Russell Drake, Tom Jones, Stephen Gilbert, John Karapelou, Arthur Lidov, Paul Peck, Elizabeth Roselius, Will Sheperd and Bill Westwood are but a few of the artists represented in the collection. David collected not to indulge some personal whim, but to better share with his students his deep appreciation and respect for the craft of illustration.

A gallery that educates, inspires, and motivates—what better learning environment can we provide for the future of our profession? It became our aim to build upon David’s core collection and establish a permanent teaching gallery. In the spring of 2000, the program began a campaign to acquire original artworks from our alumni, the hundreds of talented and dedicated professionals who have earned degrees in medical illustration from our university. This teaching gallery serves our students, faculty, and alumni as an essential educational resource, a wellspring of inspiration, and a challenge to always strive for excellence.

mascaro back standing

"Musculature of the Back" by David J. Mascaro, rendered in watercolor, 3/4 life-size.


mascaro back reclining

"Study of the Back" (after David) by David J. Mascaro, rendered in opaque watercolor.

The David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery was formally dedicated August 16, 2000. With the ceremony we recognized the value of art in the service of medicine. With the formal naming of the gallery we honored the collector. David made this gallery possible. We thank him sincerely for his passion for medical illustration, his talent for teaching, and his pursuit of artistic excellence.

We wish to gratefully acknowledge generous donations from Kip Carter, Frank Corl, Harry A. Germagian, Nancy Gordon, John V. Hagen, Lewis J. Hinely, Jr., EdD, Joel Ito, Myrna Caban Reyes, Kevin A. Somerville, William Welsh, MD, and William Winn. We are very appreciative of all who donated for the ongoing maintenance of the gallery.

Exposure to a diversity of styles and techniques is important to a well-rounded artistic education. For this reason, we are also soliciting artworks from all professional medical illustrators, regardless of degree or alma mater. We would be honored if we could include your work in the gallery. Our students would truly appreciate being able to learn from your example. If you would like to make a donation please contact Bill Andrews at 706/721-3266 or at

The David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery can be found in the Department of Medical Illustration, located on the first floor of the Pavilion 3 building, on the Health Sciences Campus of Augusta University in Augusta, GA. Please contact us to arrange a tour.

Student Awards Gallery

This Gallery represents recent outstanding examples of award-winning artwork produced by our students.

Glaucoma by Josh Klein



a poster by Joshua Klein, Class of 2015. Rendered in Photoshop.

David J. Mascaro Award for Excellence in Color
2015 O A Parkes Inernational Symposium & Student Conference

"The Role of Liver Biochemistry in Blood Tests and Veterinary Medicine"

an interactive iBook by Tasha Obrin, Class of 2014. Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Ibooks Author

Award of Excellence in the Interactive Media category, as well as the Student Best of Show Award in New Media
Association of Medical Illustrators, 2014.


Ibook Tasha Obrin

Will McAbee


"The World's Smallest Heart Pump"

an editorial cover by Will McAbee, Class of 2013. Rendered in Photoshop.

Award of Merit, Editorial
Association of Medical Illustrators, 2013

"The Renin-Angiotensin-Aldoseterone System"

an Interactive iBook by Jaime Rippke, Class of 2013. Cinema 4D, Ibooks Author, Photoshop

Award of Excellence, Interactive
Student Best in Show, New Media
Association of Medical Illustrators, 2013.


Jaime Rippke

Tasha Obrin


"Shaken baby Syndrome"

a poster by Tasha Obrin, Class of 2014. Rendered in Photoshop.

Award of Merit, Didactic/Instructional Anatomical/Pathological
Association of Medical Illustrators, 2013.

"Spinothalamic Tract"

a poster by Ryan Hallman, Class of 2013. Rendered in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Award of Merit, Instructional Color
Association of Medical Illustrators, 2012.


Ryan Hallman

Alumni Awads Gallery

This Gallery represent outstanding examples of medical illustration and animation produced by our recent graduates and alumni.

Rekito neck


"Neck Dissection for Anterior Cervical C1-C2 Approach"

selected drawings from suite of surgical illustrations by Andy Rekito, Class of 2002. Rendered in pen & ink.

Russell Drake Award of Excellence
Association of Medical illustrators, 2004.

"Diagnosis, Clinical Characteristics, and Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Cerebral Hematomas"

an educational poster by Andy Rekito, Class of 2002. Rendered in Photoshop.

Certificate of Merit, Instructional Color Illustration
Association of Medical illustrators, 2004.


Rekito hematoma

"Lumbar Wound Closed Irrigation System"

by Andy Rekito, Class of 2002. Rendered in pen & ink.

Certificate of Merit, Instructional Line Illustration
Association of Medical Illustrators, 2003.


Spinal Drain