Student Studio

Our facilities include a Student Studio with semi-private carrels for each student, a dedicated computer & AV lab, a library-classroom, faculty & staff offices, the Mascaro Gallery & gallery prep room, and a student kitchen.

Within the Student Studio, our student carrels provide a personal space for studying and working on class projects. Each carrel features an Apple iMac, dual monitors, and a state-of-the-art graphics tablet. Within the bounds of professional decorum, students may personalize their carrels. The Studio also includes our surgical instrument collection as well as multiple human skeletons and a wide array of anatomical models. There is a large light-table at each end of the room, with flat files down the center. A kitchen is tucked in a corner of the Studio, complete with refrigerator, microwave, and coffee-makers. Students have 24/7 access to the Studio and to the department.

Photo of the computer & AV lab.

Our Computer & AV Lab has several workstations for specialty software, as well as computers dedicated to high-resolution scanning and color printing. We also have a custom-designed sound booth in this Lab.

We have an extensive department library with over 2,500 books on art, anatomy, business, graphics, medicine, and surgery (see video below). We also have numerous skeletons, anatomical models and other learning resources. In addition, the Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library is just down the street. The departmental library also serves as our primary classroom, with all the AV tech we need.   

Photo: The 3D printers in our Medical Sculpture Lab.

Our new Medical Sculpture Lab in the Shepeard Bldg. has a wet-lab room for work in a variety of materials (see photo below). The dry-lab area includes specialty 3D workstations and numerous 3D printers, both resin and filament types.

The David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery is home to our collection of over 500 medical paintings, drawings and sculptures. The artwork represents a wide range of genres, market uses, graphic media, and illustration techniques.  The collection spans nearly a century, from classical to contemporary. in addition to the Gallery itself, our students have access to the gallery prep room and the matting and framing tools it contains.