How to Start a New Student Organization

To start a new student organization/club at Augusta University, follow the simple steps below. 

All student organizations must complete these steps to be recognized on campus and attend a Student Organization Training. New student organizations are accepted at the beginning of the semester. 

We will begin accepting packets for new students organizations on November 27th. The deadline to complete the packet is January 28th, 2024. 

Step 1:

Check our current list of student organizations. We do not want to duplicate any pre-existing orgs, so make sure that the organization you want to start is original.  

Step 2: 

Select an advisor for your organization. Make sure they are aware of the organization's goals and purpose. The advisor will need to sign the New Student Organization Packet listed in step 4. 

Step 3: 

Write constitution and bylaws with the help of your advisor. 

Step 4: 

Review and complete the New Student Organization Packet. The advisor will need to sign the Advisor Agreement section of the packet. 

Step 5:

Email New Student Organization Packet to

Step 6:

After submission, the president will get in email from the Coordinator of Student Orgs to complete the next steps. Please wait 5 - 7 business days.

Step 7:

After your organization is approved, the president will choose a date to attend Student Organization training that is offered by the Office of Student Life and Engagement.