Receipt of Packages

Receipt during normal working hours

Shipments of radioactive materials that arrive during normal working hours are delivered to the Receiving Warehouse and stored in the Radioactive Materials storage area. The Radiation Safety staff will document the receipt and survey the package prior to delivery.

When packages arrive after normal working hours, Radiation Safety must be notified at (706) 664-8607

The Radiation Safety Office will perform surveys as required by Georgia state regulations (290-5-23-.03(3) (g)3. and 4.) for external contamination and radiation levels. After the survey is performed and the package is authorized by Radiation Safety for delivery, Radiation Safety personnel will transport the package to the lab. A Radioisotope Receipt and Disposal form will be sent with each item. Lab personnel must survey the source vial, record the results on the form, record disposal information as the material is used and return the form to the Radiation Safety Office when all radioactive material has been disposed of.

  • Put gloves on to prevent hand contamination.

  • Visually inspect package for damage. If damaged, immediately notify the Radiation Safety Office.

  • Immediately upon receipt, open the package and verify contents against the packing list and purchase order.

  • Sign the Receiving Report for return with the delivery. Note: Discrepancies noted by the department representative must be reported to Materials Management (721-2218) within 48 hours of receipt to preclude being charged incorrectly.

  • Wipe the final source container and count with an appropriate measuring instrument (liquid scintillation counter, gamma counter, etc.). If removable contamination is greater than 200 DPM/100 Cm2 when counted with a scintillation counter or twice background when counted with a GM counter, notify the Radiation Safety Office.

  • Monitor the packing material. If contaminated, treat as radioactive waste. If not contaminated, obliterate radiation wording and symbols before discarding in regular waste.

  • Document the above on the Radioisotope Receipt and Disposal form.

 When it is necessary to transfer radionuclides from one user or location to another, approval must be obtained from the Radiation Safety Office. When transfers are made from one Authorized User to another, receipt and disposal records must be used to maintain accurate inventory records. When material is transferred from one room to another or one building to another, the Radiation Safety Office will need to evaluate the proposed transfer with regard to the packaging, container and method to ensure that it can be accomplished safely. Specifically, liquids should be transported only in sealed containers with secondary containment if there is a possibility of spillage, breakage or leakage. The Radiation Safety Office must confirm that the room to which the radionuclides are transferred is approved for radionuclide use.

 All transfers of radioactive materials off campus must be made through the Radiation Safety Office to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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