Legal Affairs

The Office of Legal Affairs is Augusta University's in-house legal counsel. Attorneys in the Office of Legal Affairs provide legal advice and counseling to the University through its administrators, faculty, and staff in the course of their duties on behalf of the University. The Augusta University Legal Affairs Office also provides advice on a variety of topics including contracts, employment and discretionary issues, inventions, copyrights and other intellectual property, and risk management. 

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Division (EHS) partners with faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors to ensure a safe environment for work, study, discovery and patient care.

The five sections of EHS (Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, Fire Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Radiation Safety) work to ensure full compliance with local, state and federal rules for environmental health and safety.

Several of Augusta University’s administrative units, previously referred to as shared services, provide support to both the university and the health system.

Enterprise Core Services