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Augusta University Initial Radiation Safety Personnel Training

 A new Principal Authorized User (PAU) must complete the initial radiation safety training course online before ordering or using radioactive materials. New laboratory personnel, working under the direction of a PAU, must also complete this training within 60 days of the date that they begin work with radioactive materials. This training must remain current by annually attending the 45 minute refresher training or by completing the web based training available on our website.

NEW! Online Initial Radiation Safety Training!

If you would like to be assigned the initial radiation safety module through Workforce Learn Online, please contact John Schneider at jschneid@augusta.edu or the Radiation Safety Office at 706-721-2663.

Workforce Learn Online can be accessed through Desire to Learn

After completion of the online training, contact John Schneider at jschneid@augusta.edu or 706-721-9843 to schedule a radiation instrument hands-on lesson. This MUST be completed to receive full credit for the course.

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