photo of Marc Austin, PhD

Marc Austin, PhD

  • Associate Provost and Dean
photo of Corey Vigdor

Corey Vigdor

  • AVP for Online Education
photo of Cristina Raecke

Cristina Raecke

  • AVP for Strategic Marketing and Enrollment Management
photo of Beth Welsh

Beth Welsh

  • Director, Finance and Operations
photo of Gina Bolin

Gina Bolin

  • Director, Online Student Support Services
photo of Heidi Blair, PhD

Heidi Blair, PhD

  • Director, Instructional Design
photo of Luke Urbani

Luke Urbani

  • Director, Online Enrollment
photo of Cameron Bentley

Cameron Bentley

  • Assistant Director, Instructional Design
photo of Taylor Gordon

Taylor Gordon

  • Online Student Success Coach
photo of Joshua Newberry

Joshua Newberry

  • Marketing Manager
photo of Amy Waters

Amy Waters

  • Instructional Designer 2
photo of Jessica Driver

Jessica Driver

  • Instructional Technology Coordinator
photo of Shelia Joyner

Shelia Joyner

  • Administrative Assistant 3