Our mission is to provide outstanding patient care by advancing clinical techniques, education, & research.

We are dedicated to advancing clinical excellence, research and academic pursuit to improve patient care and outcome, and support faculty development.

The Minimally Invasive Surgery section at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University offers comprehensive care for a variety of disorders.  We focus on minimally invasive and endoscopic surgical techniques, including laparoscopic surgery, advanced flexible endoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery.

Our Minimally Invasive Surgery faculty and staff actively collaborate with basic and translational scientists, and co-direct translational research programs.

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Our specialty centers & programs include:

The Adrenal Center

The Adrenal Center

The Center for Obesity & Metabolism

The Center for Obesity and Metabolism

The AU Health Comprehensive Hernia Center

The AU Health Comprehensive Hernia Center

These specialty clinical programs provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients with adrenal disorders, morbid obesity and hernias of the abdominal wall.  This allows patients to receive care here in Augusta for a broad variety of surgical disorders that historically have not been offered.  These centers also provide excellent opportunities for educating both surgeons in training as well as surgeons in practice, and performing research in order to improve the quality of care that we deliver.   

Additional areas of clinic focus include advanced therapeutic endoscopy, comprehensive open and laparoscopic surgical care for complex abdominal wall hernias, laparoscopic foregut surgery, biliary surgery, and solid organ surgery (adrenal, spleen).

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Section is integrated with the Digestive Health Center at Augusta University. The Center offers comprehensive
gastroenterology and hepatology patient care, as well as international expertise in the research of and patient care for GI dysmotility disorders.

We support and actively encourage faculty members and staff in the pursuit of several areas of research. Focus areas of research and publication include: 

  • Surgical Education
  • Adrenal disorder outcomes
  • Obesity translational research 
  • Curricular Development and Assessment
  • Adrenal translational research focusing on the identification of tumor biomarkers for primary aldosteronism, and biomarkers for primary aldosteronism screening; 
  • Hernia outcomes
  • Laparoendoscopic surgical outcomes
  • Obesity outcomes
  • Clinical Trials in Hernia Surgery


Augusta University Medical Center, Minimally Invasive Surgery Clinic
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