For some individuals with a mental illness, medications and psychotherapy sometimes prove ineffective. The Therapeutic Neurostimulation Program was created to provide alternative, non-pharmacologic treatment options to relieve symptoms of major depression and other mental health conditions by exciting specific areas within the brain. 

Current FDA approved treatments include electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).  Drs. Peter Rosenquist, Vaughn McCall, and Sandarsh Surya are psychiatrists experienced and trained to provide these specialized treatments.  
Therapeutic Neurostimulation Therapies begin with a consultation at our clinic on the MCG campus (or on the unit for patients who have been hospitalized already).  We review past treatment, assess individual patient needs and determine the most appropriate treatment protocol.  
Some patients may qualify for specialized research treatments.  Because these treatments are designed for those who have not responded to conventional therapies, patients will normally be referred by their treating psychiatrist.  Arrange for medical records to be sent in advance of the consultation.

Treating Psychiatrists

photo of Peter B. Rosenquist, MD

Peter B. Rosenquist, MD

  • Professor
  • Executive Vice Chair
  • Leon Henri Charbonnier Endowed Chair
  • Director of Therapeutic Neurostimulation
photo of W. Vaughn McCall, MD, MS

W. Vaughn McCall, MD, MS

  • Professor
  • Case Distinguished University Chairman
  • Executive Vice Dean for the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University
photo of Sandarsh Surya, MBBS

Sandarsh Surya, MBBS

  • Assistant Professor


Patients must be referred for treatment by a physician
All referrals will be handled through the call center
Phone: 706-721-6597
Fax:     706-721-1459

Accepting Most Insurance
Same Day Psychiatry Consultation and Anesthesia Preoperative Assessment
Consultative Model (Co-Management with Primary Psychiatrist) 

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