The Master of Science in Medical Physiology degree is directed toward individuals who are interested in:

  • improving their academic credentials and competitiveness before applying to medical, dental or other professional school programs.
  • developing a solid academic foundation in physiology and an academic advantage before entering professional school programs.
  • gaining additional educational and research experiences before applying to biomedical PhD programs or entering a career in the life sciences.

This program provides an avenue for students who have had a limited opportunity to receive medical science education as undergraduates or would benefit from an additional year of immersion in medical school-level academic coursework.

This is the only program of its type in the state of Georgia and contributes to Augusta University’s institutional mission. The establishment of this program serves to enrich and diversify the applicant pool to the Medical College of Georgia, the state's only public medical school, and support an increased demand for primary care physicians in Georgia.  For students who do not enter medical school the program provides the knowledge required to excel in biomedical science professions and supports Augusta University’s mission as a comprehensive research institution.  The career paths open to students who complete this degree program are vital to the health of Georgia’s communities.

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Key Benefits of the Program:

  • An integrated program that mirrors the learning objectives of first year medical school.
  • Completion of the program will strengthen applications to medical or professional school by demonstrating that a student can perform at a high level in the physiology-based components of the pre-clinical curriculum at MCG.
  • Instruction by faculty currently engaged in medical and graduate school teaching.
  • Opportunities to engage in medical research and explore other career paths in biomedical science
  • Housed within the Medical College of Georgia with state-of-the-art medical training facilities (including: simulation center, ultrasound facilities, anatomy labs).
  • Engaging learning activities including patient case-based studies and hands-on human data collection-based activities.
  • A collaborative learning community where students engage with each other inside and outside the classroom to facilitate learning and a collegial experience.
  • A variety of enrichment and professional development opportunities available on campus.
  • Personalized advising for academic support, personal growth and career development.
    • Academic support is provided during regular office hours, review sessions and discussions on effective study methods.
    • Faculty advisors help you develop your career plan and write letters of recommendation for professional school and can connect you to additional student support services.
    • Faculty will facilitate workshops for application to professional schools (application process, writing a personal statement, preparation for interviews).

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