We love how are residents build lifelong friendships as they train to become pediatricians and leaders in the field. Scroll down for just some of the highlights of the MCG Pediatric Residency experience during the year! 

Intern Welcome and Orientation


Interns 2023-2024

photo of Intern Welcome Party

Intern Welcome Party

photo of Intern Scavenger Hunt

Intern Scavenger Hunt

photo of Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to Know Each Other

photo of Intern Welcome Party

Intern Welcome Party

photo of Annual Hail & Farewell

Annual Hail & Farewell

  • Meeting the incoming Interns and sending off the Graduates
photo of PALS & NRP Training

PALS & NRP Training

photo of Green Jackets Game

Green Jackets Game

photo of Procedures Checkoff

Procedures Checkoff

Annual Retreats

Residents each year engage in an off-campus educational day retreat with their specific class. Retreats are designed to cover  topics based on level of training including leadership, board review preparation, financial advice, maintenance of certification, team building strategies, and more. 

photo of Augusta Canal

Augusta Canal

photo of Top Golf

Top Golf

photo of Kayaking on Savannah River

Kayaking on Savannah River

photo of Field Day

Field Day

photo of Teamwork at Escape Room

Teamwork at Escape Room

photo of Teambuilding Activity

Teambuilding Activity

photo of Showing Off Artistic Skills

Showing Off Artistic Skills

photo of PGY3s celebrating their final year

PGY3s celebrating their final year


Our residency program recognizes the importance of supporting individual and group mental and physical wellbeing. We offer a variety of protected wellness sessions each month.


Faculty Versus Resident Kickball Game

photo of Secret Santa

Secret Santa

photo of Getting Some Sunshine!

Getting Some Sunshine!

  • Residents enjoy wellbeing time together in between clinical duties
photo of Fanny Pack Ready!

Fanny Pack Ready!

photo of Ice Cream Rounds

Ice Cream Rounds

  • Expect Ice Cream breaks with Dr. Bassali during Hospitalist Rotation!
photo of Night Team

Night Team

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich Anyone?
photo of Yoga Time

Yoga Time

photo of Annual Holiday Party

Annual Holiday Party

photo of Independent Wellbeing Time Built Into the Day

Independent Wellbeing Time Built Into the Day

photo of Green Jackets Game

Green Jackets Game

photo of Canal Boat Ride

Canal Boat Ride

photo of Chili Cookoff

Chili Cookoff

photo of Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

photo of Preparing Authentic Indian Food

Preparing Authentic Indian Food

photo of Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Painting

photo of Time with Nugget, our hospital therapy dog

Time with Nugget, our hospital therapy dog

photo of Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Procedural and Resuscitation Skills

Our Pediatric Residents get a variety of opportunities during the rotation to perform procedures in addition to protected educational time to run through mock code scenarios and practice procedural skills.

photo of UVC/UAC Procedure Skills

UVC/UAC Procedure Skills

photo of Learning NRP Skills

Learning NRP Skills

photo of Learning Basic Casting Skills

Learning Basic Casting Skills

photo of Infant Mock Code

Infant Mock Code

photo of Resuscitation Skills

Resuscitation Skills

photo of Suturing


photo of PIV Skills Training

PIV Skills Training

photo of Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

Summer Camps 

Our residents brave the heat and participate in multiple summer subspecialty camps for our patients.   

photo of Summer Fun

Summer Fun

photo of Camp Joint Venture

Camp Joint Venture

photo of Dr. Jean Huh

Dr. Jean Huh

photo of Dr. Megan Nelson and Dr. Rebecca Parker

Dr. Megan Nelson and Dr. Rebecca Parker

Cornhole Tournament 

Enjoying our beautiful Augusta sunshine. The Pediatric Residents partnered with their Pediatric Attendings and Fellows for a friendly match between Gen Pediatrics, Hospitalists, Intensivists, and Subspecialists.  

Cornhole Champions


Dr. Matthew Smith and Dr. Zachary Hodges




Dr. Jack Noel and Dr. Kathryn McLeod




Resident and Fellows Scholars Day

All pediatric Residents complete a scholarly activity during their residency. To celebrate this achievement, Resident Scholars Day is held annually in June for finalists to present their work during a special Grand Rounds meeting. This is followed by a Poster Presentation in the lobby of the Children's Hospital of Georgia to display all scholarly work completed by graduating pediatric resident and fellows.

photo of Poster Session

Poster Session

photo of Discussing Research

Discussing Research

photo of Faculty and Resident

Faculty and Resident

Gold Humanism Honor Society

 The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) recognizes students, residents and faculty who are exemplars of compassionate patient care. Congratulations to our Pediatric Resident Inductees for 2019!  

photo of Claire Jones, MD

Claire Jones, MD

  • Volunteering
photo of Katie Kerr, MD

Katie Kerr, MD

  • Pictured with Dr. Sharma and Dr. Bauza

Pediatric Scientist Development Program

Frontiers in Science 


Dr. Valera Hudson and Dr. Jonathan Alba

The Frontiers in Science program was established in 1987. That year also marked the launch of the Pediatric Scientist Development Program (PSDP) to prepare North American pediatricians for clinician-scientist careers. Each year, select Pediatric Department Chairs invite promising pediatric residents to attend the AMSPDC meeting. There, they attend presentations by exceptional scientists/investigators, including PSDP graduates to help inspire and interest these residents in pursuing investigative careers of their own.

March 1, 2019 
Savannah, GA