The rotation schedule for the orthopaedic surgery residency program at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University provides a broad and in-depth exposure to all orthopaedic specialties. Our schedule is designed to deliver a well-rounded training experience.

Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Rotation Schedule

Residents rotate through most orthopaedic subspecialties as both a junior and senior resident. The schedule allows for increasing responsibility based on individual advancement during the training period.  This includes opportunities for early operative experiences in hand & upper extremity, spine, sports medicine and trauma.  Elective rotations in PGY3 and PGY5 years allow time to focus on research and prepare for subspecialty fellowship.

rotation schedule Example

PGY-1 Year

  • 3 months general surgical training*
  • 1 month surgical skills training
  • 1 month MSK radiology
  • 1 month PM&R
  • 1 month spine
  • 3 months orthopaedic trauma
  • 6 weeks  hand & upper extremity
  • 6 weeks sports medicine

*General surgical training consists of one-month rotations in various departments and subspecialties including the intensive care unit, pediatric surgery, and general trauma surgery.



PGY-2 Year

  • 3 months pediatric orthopaedics
  • 3 months joint replacement and oncology
  • 6 months orthopaedic trauma and night float

PGY-3 Year

  • 6 weeks research/elective 
  • 6 weeks shoulder
  • 3 months sports medicine
  • 3 months foot and ankle
  • 3 months general orthopaedics at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center



PGY-4 Year

  • 3 months spine
  • 3 months hand and upper extremity
  • 3 months pediatric orthopedics
  • 3 months orthopaedic trauma

PGY-5 Year

  • 3 months sports medicine / shoulder
  • 3 months general orthopaedics at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center
  • 3 months research/elective 
  • 3 months joint replacement and oncology





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