The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is committed to serving the healthcare needs of the women in our community, the Central Savannah River Area, and the State of Georgia.

Therefore, in an effort to relieve some of the burden on the obstetrics workforce shortage in our state, we offer Georgia Center for Obstetrics Re-Entry Program (Georgia CORP) as a means for re-entry into obstetrics practice for those individuals in good standing with the Georgia Composite Board of Medical Examiners that have voluntarily left the practice of obstetrics.

This program will be ideal for physicians returning to obstetrical practice after an extended leave or those individuals needing additional obstetrics procedural volume for credentialing or hospital privileging.

After enrollment in the program, the physician seeking re-entry into obstetrics practice will participate in a formal orientation, in the same manner as a new employee at AU Medical Center. This will include orientation to the electronic medical record and completion of all forms and modules required by AUMC Human Resources. An individual needs assessment will be performed prior to entering the program, including a formal self-assessment of clinical skills. Once the individual needs have been determined, a program of clinical practice in the manner of preceptorship will be conducted under the supervision of academic faculty in the department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at AUMC. All faculty are board-certified (or board-eligible) by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and maintain an active Georgia license for Medicine and Surgery. Faculty will provide oversight into the management of actual clinical scenarios in various settings, including ambulatory practice, Labor and Delivery, and the operating room. Supervising faculty will be the attending physician of record for all clinical care with the program participant, regardless of the skill level of the physician seeking re-entry. Depending on the needs of the participant, clinical care supervision may be tailored to the individual. Simulation using both low- and hi-fidelity models with facilitators skilled in simulation education will be an important aspect of re-entry. Feedback will be given verbally, in real time, and written in evaluations done every two weeks. Evaluations will be in the manner outlined by the ACGME, competency-based and mapped to milestones related to obstetric practice as used in residency training.  Following the 3 month evaluation, an examination will be given prior to certification.  For individuals requiring additional remediation or procedural volume, certification will held until the metrics for completion are met.

Georgia CORP will strive to meet the needs of the individual and the State of GA by:

  • Formulating assessment and evaluation instruments and measures;
  • Providing appropriate curricular content and standards for safe obstetrics practice;
  • Ensure optimal education would be supported through an infrastructure of faculty development, mentoring, financial and institutional support, and workforce planning, especially minimizing the effects on residents and fellows within the department;
  • Maintain a database of reentry participants that would allow the system to track important data on the demographics and outcomes, allowing for the system to be self-reflective and responsive through continuous quality improvement initiatives;
  • Interface with regulatory bodies that govern licensure, specialty certification, credentialing and other professional standards and privileges when indicated.

In utilizing the guiding principles outlined by the AMA:

Georgia CORP is accessible to physicians in the state, providing all educational activities at the Health Sciences Campus of Augusta University (AU) in Augusta, GA.  AU is the home of the Medical of Georgia, the state’s only public medical school.  AUMC houses the clinical operations of MCG.  Augusta is located on the East-central region of GA on the Savannah River, bordering South Carolina.  The 90 day period will likely allow for the individual to meet the metrics for completion of the program and allow the program enough time for assessment, supervision of skills, and evaluation. 

Georgia CORP is collaborative across the region and the State of Georgia.  The re-entry program is the effort of the AU/MCG to support the healthcare of all women in our state.  With the support of the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and the state government to reverse the negative trends in women’s healthcare brought on by the current workforce shortage of obstetricians.  Funding has been provided by the State of Georgia to make the program affordable to those wishing to remain in the state for practice, especially those desiring a rural, underserved area.

Georgia CORP is comprehensive, yet flexible, covering all relevant aspects in the delivery of high quality obstetrics education in a rich academic environment.  The modular curriculum will allow for an individual to focus in one area of clinical practice to gain re-entry based on the admission needs assessment.

Georgia CORP is the mission of the academic faculty in OB/GYN at AU/MCG, adhering to the highest ethical standards for patient care and advocacy.  Georgia CORP remains accountable to the women of Georgia for high quality healthcare for all participants gaining certification in the program where safety is paramount.

Georgia CORP works within an academic environment where graduate medical education is a focus, using innovation to provide specialized training to learners of all skill levels, from students to faculty, stable since 1828 as the nation’s 13th oldest medical school.  The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University is central to the educational needs of all learners and responsive to the ever changing climate in academic medicine.

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