Dr. Virgil P. Sydenstricker

Founded: November 11, 1971
Resurrected January 18, 2007

"Though for no other cause, yet for this; that posterity may know we have not loosely through silence permitted things to pass away..."
- Dr. Virgil P Sydenstricker 

Founders: Dr. Joseph P. Bailey, Jr., Dr. Richard L Magruder, Dr. Henry G Mealing, Jr., Dr. William A Speir, Jr., Dr. George R Spooner, III

Over the past few years, the Medical College of Georgia has undergone transformational change. We offer exceptional training for the future physicians of Georgia, provide our faculty the opportunity to conduct research at the highest level, and deliver outstanding patient care.

In addition, the campus is expanding to accept more students and trainees. Research among our faculty and trainees has grown exponentially, and we are increasingly recognized for our efforts, both regionally and nationally. Our goal is to become one of the premiere academic medical centers in the country, known for our state-of-the-art clinical care, medical research, and medical education. The Department of Medicine is helping to lead they way with new leadership and faculty, novel clinical programs, and substantial investment in research and education.

While focused on the future, we also embrace the importance of celebrating our past. To this end, the Sydenstricker Society was revealed. Virgil P. Sydenstricker was a leader in American medicine and MCG Department Chairman for thirty years. The Society's charter is to create collegiality among former and present members of the Department, foster collaboration with the community, and provide educational opportunities for all. This is accomplished through support of a yearly lecture by a national leader, and funding for our house officers to present their research at major national and regional meetings. Overall support for these endeavors has had tremendous impact on trainee development, institutional exposure, and medical advancement.

To maintain our momentum, we are seeking contributions to the Society to promote the annual meeting so our young physician investigators will have the opportunity to present their work on the national stage. These are exciting time at MCG; we encourage you to help us grow and to invest in our future through your membership in the prestigious Sydenstricker Society.

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