The Travel Advisory Clinic is devoted to the comprehensive preparation and follow-up care of international travelers. Managed and staffed by the Internal Medicine practice site, the clinic offers comprehensive travel evaluation services and immunizations to minimize health risks to travelers, particularly those anticipating travel to developing countries.

Persons likely to benefit from the Travel Advisory Clinic include the following:

  • Individuals traveling to the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, or Asia
  • Short- or long-term missionaries and their families
  • Individuals relocating to foreign countries
  • Short-term business travelers, especially when traveling off established tourist routes

A pre-travel health inventory to include the traveler’s current medical condition, medications and specific risks for the travel destination and travel duration is taken for each traveler. Appropriate prophylactic and therapeutic drugs are prescribed when necessary; immunizations, including the yellow fever vaccine, are given on site. Current advisory literature, including methods to avoid insect-transmitted disease, is discussed with travelers. A certificate of immunization is prepared for travelers prior to their departure. Telephone, fax or electronic mail access to the clinic director is available to patients during travel. Travelers are encouraged to follow up in the clinic should any travel-related medical problems arise after travel.

The Travel Advisory Clinic is offered by the Internal Medicine practice site in the Augusta University Medical Office Building weekly throughout the year, usually on Tuesday mornings. Special arrangements may be made for other hours if needed on a case by case basis by the Clinic Director. Travelers should call at least three weeks prior to travel to ensure the timeliness of prophylactic drugs and immunizations.

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