Dr. William Salazar is the Medical Director for the The Anticoagulation Clinic at AU Health. The Anticoagulation Clinic was established to ensure standardized, safe, and efficacious use of anticoagulation therapy.

The procedure/protocols are designed to provide evidence based anticoagulation therapy as discussed below. However, such a therapy will be individualized to meet specific patient need based on the indication and therapeutic response.

This is a pharmacist managed clinic, overseen by a medical director. All patients are referred to the clinic for focused management of their anticoagulation needs.


  1. Provide consultative services to practitioners initiating and maintaining anticoagulation therapy for their patients
  2. Improve therapeutic outcomes of AU Health patients requiring anticoagulation therapy
  3. Reduce adverse events experienced by patients as a result of anticoagulation therapy
  4. Improve patient understanding and compliance by providing patient education
  5. Minimize the need for extended hospitalization related to anticoagulation management, thereby reducing healthcare costs, by serving as a resource
  6. Enhance the continuity of care of patients initiated on anticoagulants by enrolling them in the anticoagulation clinic and providing communication regarding management to the referring MDs