Global Health Initiative is working to create a comprehensive global health community here at MCG where students can find physicians and other students in order to participate in international medicine.

Our goal is to provide a forum to publicize the work that is currently being done on campus in the arena of Global Health.  The Global Health Initiative offers a wide range of opportunities to explore topics and courses in global health. We encourage you to join us for courses, travel experiences and much more.

Global Health Initiative at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University is committed to excellence in teaching, clinical care and research that improves the health of individuals and communities globally. We provide educational opportunities for health care trainees, practicing providers,and community members.


We are committed to improving the health of individuals and communities globally.


We are engaged in global health teaching, research, and clinical care which is values based and which improves the health of individuals and communities in Minnesota and the world.


We value compassion, excellence and equity for all, with a focus on the disenfranchised. 

Medicine Global Health provides educational opportunities for health care trainees and practicing providers - all with the goal of improving the care of patients in or from LMIC (low- and middle-income countries).

Comprised of more than 20 faculty who have dedicated their lives to global health, the Medicine Global Health program has grown exponentially since its inception in 1981. Today, we offer:

  • Partner sites and other educational programming on 4 continents 
  • Training provided to 10 new residents every academic year
  • Online education program offers 300+ hours of provider content
  • In-person course that has trained has trained more than 200 community healthcare providers


The Global Health Initiative was founded in 2015 by Ben Thornton from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) Class of 2018, as he saw a particular desire from the medical students at MCG to learn more about careers in global health and tropical medicine. With the help of his fellow classmates he reached out to Dr. Ted Kuhn and together they formed an organization that allows students a greater exposure to global medicine and its role in the health care. Since its pilot year, numerous physicians have shown interest in further contributing to GHI's mission of connecting students to MCG faculty working in international medicine.

Currently, Dr. Daniel Kaminstein is working with the students to expand the curriculum to include topics regarding international medicine. By fostering more interest in global medicine, GHI acts as a point of contact for all MCG medical students to utilize in order to create international trips of their own as wells help develop MCG trips abroad in the future.  It is the founder's hope that GHI will help lay down the foundation to allow students the opportunity to gain a broader perspective as future physicians of what it means to be a physician within the US and abroad.  Dr. Michael Ferguson serves as the GHI faculty adviser.