Ramses Sadek, PhD

Professor & Director of Cancer Center Biostatistics Core
PhD (Statistics & Educational Psychology), University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia), 1992


(706) 721-6930
room number CN-4123
Ramses Sadek, PhD


Extensive research experience in the areas of Oncology, diagnostics devices, HIV, vaccine, generic bioequivalence, and sickle cell disease with over 200 protocols. Well-established records and accomplishments in observational studies, notational datasets analysis, and clinical trials design, analysis, and submission with FDA interaction. Experience in academia, industry, government, non-for-profit organization with multidisciplinary sittings and staff and project management.  Dr. Sadek has an extensive experience as individual contributor in design and analysis of several areas of, clinical trials, SAS programming, patient reported outcomes, health economics, quality of life assessment, public health and Epidemiology with co-authorships in leading professional journals. Professional activities include adjunct faculty positions, data safety monitoring committees, professional journal editorials, and member of several scientific organizations and invited speaker in several meetings.

In recent years, Dr. Sadek has focused his attention on a few specific areas of research including, health disparity, multiplicity, incomplete data, clinical trial design, and data mining methods. At the present, his current methodological research interests can be categorized into two broad areas: a) health disparity and b) clinical trials design with emphasis on new development in Oncology.




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