In the Department of Population Health Sciences

MS in Data Science

The Division of Biostatistics and Data Science of DPHS and the Department of Mathematics in the College of Science and Mathematics have newly established an accelerated BS/MS degree option in Mathematics/Biostatistics for students who are motivated to get both a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Biostatistics in five years and be ready for the continuously growing job market in biostatistics. This option will allow students majoring in mathematics, who meet certain criteria, the opportunity to apply 9 credit hours of graduate Biostatistics courses to both undergraduate degree required hours and the MS degree required hours.  Visit

 Highlights of this program:

  • Finish both a B.S. degree and an M.S. in only 5 years (instead of the usual 6 years)
  • Find high quality jobs or enter in the Ph.D. program in Biostatistics, if admitted, upon completion of the program.
  • Graduates of our M.S. program have 100% job placement at the time of graduation so far. They typically work as biostatisticians in government agencies, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies or insurance companies.
  • Fourth year students pay the lower (undergraduate) tuition rate
  • Engage in undergraduate research with a faculty mentor
  • Students may earn income as a mathematics or statistics tutor

Admission Requirements:

 Students who are enrolled in the B.S. program in Mathematics with a Concentration in Biostatistics formally apply to the M.S. program during their Junior year. The requirements for Admission to the M.S. program are as follows:

 1) Completion of at least 30 credit hours of coursework at Augusta University

2) An overall undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or more

3) Being within 25 credit hours of graduating with a B.S. in Mathematics

4) Meet all requirements for admission into the M.S. Biostatistics program and be in good

standing with Augusta University

Suggested plan of courses for Accelerated Mathematics/ MS Biostatistics





ENGL 1101 (3)

 MATH 1113 (3)

HIST 2111/2112 (3)

Soc. Sci. Elec (3)

 WELL 1000 (2)

ICQR 1000 (1)

ENGL 1102 (3)

MATH 2011 (4)

 POLS 1101(3)

COMS 1100 (3)

Area F - Elective (3)

WELL activity (1)


HUMN 2001 (4)

MATH 2012 (4)

MATH 2030 (3)

Science seq1. (4)

WELL activity (1)

HUMN 2002 (4)

MATH 2013 (4)

Science seq2. (4)

MATH 3280 (3)


MATH 4211 (3)

MATH 3020 (3)

Soc. Sci. elective (3)

MATH elective (3)

CSCI 1301 OR ENGR 2060 (3)

MATH 4011 (3)

MATH elective (3)

Minor/Elective (3)

Minor/Elective (3)

Minor/Elective (3)


Minor/Elective (3)

Minor/Elective (3)

Stat 7110 (3)

STAT 7520 (3)

DTAS 7510 (3)

Minor/Elective (3)

Minor/Elective (3)

Minor/Elective (3)

Math 4990 (1)

STAT 7620 (3)

STAT 7630 (3)


STAT 7640 (3)

STAT 7720 (3)

STAT 7870 (3)

STAT/DATS Elective (3)

STAT/DATS Elective (3)

STAT/DATS Elective (3)

STAT/7910 (3) or

STAT7920 (3)


For more information on the course pre-requisites and other requirements for
applying to the PhD program in Biostatistics, see our Prospective Students page.


Prospective Students