Welcome to the Division of Biostatistics and Data Science at the Department of Population Health Sciences. 

The mission of our biostatistics program is to advance knowledge in the fields of biostatistics, and to provide leadership and scholarship in research, teaching and mentoring, for the advancement of biomedical science and improvement of human health. We play a vital role in the education mission and the multidisciplinary and translational research mission of Augusta University, crossing the boundaries of academic colleges.

A biostatistician is someone who uses mathematics and statistics to develop methods for study designs and data analysis to advance scientific knowledge in biology, biomedical science and public health, with the ultimate goal of improving human health. Biostatisticians also collaborate with biomedical and public health scientists to design research studies, perform the statistical analyses and draw pertinent information to address research hypotheses, using the evidence gathered from the data. Biostatistics is the ideal career path for you if you are someone who likes math and wants an exciting career solving real-world problems.  Please explore the website of our division to learn more about what we do.

The mission of our data science degree program is to educate and empower the next generation of aspiring students to use innovative data science methods to address complex problems facing the society and well-being of humankind.

We strive to provide a modern methodological foundation to students and train students in innovative computational methods to deal with the next generation of data having high volume, high velocity, and high variety. The training program will include managing and analyzing next generation of data to build models for causal explanation, prediction, and description. With the increasing importance of next generation of data, we strive to help students in developing analytical thinking, statistical reasoning, communication skills, and creativity.  We also seek to increase collaborations in developing novel methods driven by data science to address the needs of society. We are pleased to announce that our newest academic program, Master of Science with a Major in Data Science, is now accepting applications for the Fall 2022 class!


The biostatistics doctoral program is pleased to announce its participation in the Summer STAR (Student Training And Research) Program. The Summer STAR program is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences, nursing, or biostatistics at Augusta University. Biostatisticians play a critical role in new research discoveries by developing methods for study designs and data analysis to advance scientific knowledge in biomedical, clinical and public health fields. To find out how to become a Summer STAR student in biostatistics, click the link below:

The STAR program 2023

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