Master in Clinical Translational Science


Steven Coughlin, PhD &
Director of CTS programs
Brittany Ange, Ed.D., M.S. &
Co-Director of CTS programs
The MCTS program provides an environment of in-depth learning and mentorship from established clinical researchers, expert biostatisticians and epidemiologists.
Fully Online and Asynchronous Learning

· Offered by experts in clinical research, biostatistics and epidemiology

Complete in only 4 semesters

·  30 total credits hours

·  Flexibility in elective course work based on your interests

Low or No Cost

·  Tuition may be fully covered by the University System of Georgia Tuition Assistance Program

MCTS graduates are prepared to

  • carry out research utilizing human subjects in clinical trials
  • perform basic analyses of clinical research data
  • apply epidemiologic principles and tools in clinical research
  • consider relevant ethical and legal issues when designing and conducting research
  • prepare research manuscripts for publication, and • prepare competitive grant proposals

The MCTS program will

(1) provide trainees with essential skills in CTS, including hypothesis generation, research design, data analysis, interpretation and dissemination of results, critical appraisal of scientific literature, grant preparation, human research protection, and research ethics;

(2) help to establish new collaborative relationships at Augusta University among current basic science, clinical, and translational researchers; and

(3) improve research productivity among junior faculty and other clinical researchers at Augusta University through their participation in mentored research, a requirement for all who complete the Masters in Clinical and Translational Science

Designed to work with professionals’ busy schedules, the online and asynchronous 30 credit hour MCTS program curriculum includes:
  • Didactic Coursework

    21 credit hours of core course work in epidemiology, clinical trials, observational studies, statistics and modeling, and grant writing in clinical and translational science


    6 credit hours of elective course work in either a health economics or health data science track, both of which are expanding areas of research in clinical and translational science

  • A 3 credit hours capstone project to design a clinical and translational science project
Funding for MCTS Students

Funding is not available through the DPHS for MCTS students. MCTS students who have been employees of the University System of Georgia, including Augusta University, for at least 6 months may be eligible to use the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

Check out a complete sample list of the courses and course descriptions.




Year 1

STAT 7010 – Biostatistics I (3cr)

EPID 7130 – Introduction to Epidemiology (3cr)

 MPHC 8011 – Ethical Conduct of Research (1cr)


BIOM 8011 – Responsible Conduct of Research (1cr) 

CTRS 7100 – Grant Writing for Clinical and Translational Science (2cr)

TOTAL: 9 credit hours

STAT 7020 – Biostatistics II (3cr)

EPID 7370 – Intermediate Epidemiology (3cr)

STAT 7240 – Introduction to Clinical Trials (3cr)

TOTAL: 9 credit hours




Year 2

STAT 7260 – Design and Analysis of Observational Studies (3cr)

 Elective (3cr)

TOTAL: 6 credit hours


Elective (3cr)

CTRS 7900 – Capstone Project (3cr)

TOTAL: 6 credit hours

ELECTIVES:  Choice of 2 Electives within each Track:

  • Population Health Track
    • STAT 7360 – Systematic Reviews (3cr)
    • EPID 7380 – Chronic Disease Epidemiology (3cr)
    • EPID 7390 – Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Theory and Methods (3cr)
  • Health Economics and Analytics Track
    • CTRS 7210 – Methods for Decision Making in Clinical Practice (3cr)
    • CTRS 7220 – Medical Decision Making and Cost Effectiveness Analysis (3cr)
  • Health Data Science Track
    • One of the following in the Fall:
      • DATS 7510 – Programming for Data Analysis (3cr)
      • DATS 7530 – Computing for Data Science (3cr)
    • One of the following in Spring:
      • DATS 7760 – Data and Visual Analytics (3cr)
      • DATS 7860 – Statistical and Machine Learning for Big Data (3cr)


For more information on the course pre-requisites and other requirements for applying to the Masters in Clinical and Translational Science program, see our Prospective Students page.


Prospective Students