2024-2025 VSLO Application Cycle

The first available block for MCG/Augusta University Medical Center begins on July 1st, 2024. Rotation Block Schedule 2024-2025

  • Student will be permitted to attend up to two 4-week rotations (8 weeks total) per visiting student per AAMC guidelines. If this changes, we will discuss and update this page and VSLO as needed.
  • No students other than MILITARY emergency medicine students are allowed to submit applications outside of VSLO, with no exceptions.
  • Some departments are open to adjusting dates to accommodate alternative schedules, but many are not. Please check with the department coordinator of the rotation you are applying to - Department Coordinators List

COVID-19 Important Info

COVID-19 Vaccination is required to rotate at our campus - 2 doses minimum.
If you have a medical exemption and cannot be vaccined, please upload a document in place of your vaccine record explaining the exemption -you must include medical documentation to support as one document.

If you have a religious objection to the vaccine, you will need to upload this religious exemption form in place of your vaccination record - Exemption Form

We will review the documentation and circumstances and make a determination through our student health and/or legal offices whether your application can be considered. This determination can take several days or weeks and DOES NOT guarantee you a rotation. You may still be denied for other reasons after being cleared by student health or the legal office.


Military applicants looking for an emergency medicine rotation can apply by contacting the EMED Department at emclerkship@augusta.edu and submitting a paper application. Paper applications are only available to military students. 


Augusta University Medical College of Georgia is unable to accept international medical students or Caribbean off-shore medical students at this time, as we only accept students from U.S.-based medical schools that are authorized by AAMC to use their VSLO APPLICATION SYSTEM. Please refer to our policy for acceptance of visiting medical students. We regret that there are no exceptions to this policy.


MCG/AU does not currently offer short term housing on campus. Most visiting students use temporary housing sites like Airbnb, etc to find housing in the area. Be warned - we do not recommend the areas directly around the hospital for student housing, and we advise you to take care walking in downtown Augusta in general, especially at night. It isn't a dangerous area, just one where you need to be aware of your surroundings.

For housing, we would advise looking at North Augusta, which is right over the river, or the Summerville neighborhood, which is close to the hospital but a better area. That is the area west of the hospital up Walton Way, around the Summerville campus of AU. Also the area around the Augusta National golf club is a good area too that should have affordable Airbnbs, etc.

Rotating Room is also a good resource to find housing specifically for medical students on rotations - https://rotatingroom.com/need-a-room.

Students have also had good experiences at some of the extended stay hotels in the area -https://www.tripstodiscover.com/extended-stay-hotels-in-augusta-georgia/.  

You will likely need to bring your personal vehicle or rent one while you are here - Augusta is a driving city. We will send you parking information when you are accepted to your rotation. Parking is a flat $50 fee to use campus parking lots for one month. There is a campus shuttle system that you can use to move around campus and to parking areas, or to the summerville/cyber campuses.

 ONE rotation maximum if accepted. Incomplete applications will be denied. 

Your elective requests will be honored in order of preference after all Medical College of Georgia students have received their elective assignments. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via email from VSAS.  Accepted students will be required to complete additional requirements and trainings upon acceptance.

The Visiting Medical Student Elective Program does not process/approve observerships- please contact Mary Tipton mtipton@augusta.edu