MCG’s Online Teaching Preparation Series for House staff and other non-faculty instructors



To prepare house staff and other non-faculty instructors for their role as teachers in MCG's undergraduate education program.


  1. Please view the teaching "one pagers" listed below.  You are not expected to review the optional readings.
  2. Recommended internet browsers include: Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
  3. After viewing the modules, please confirm completion by signing your name on the attestation form.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ralph Gillies at

NOTE: These are 1-2 page summaries so the estimated time to complete is less than 30 minutes.




One Pager Readings


Fostering a Positive Learning Environment
  1. Define a positive learning environment.
  2. Describe actions that promote or hinder a positive academic learning environment.
Fostering a Positive Learning Environment  
Learning Principles
  1.  Describe key principles to adult learning.
  2. Recognize how optimal and suboptimal levels of stress promote or hinder learning.
  3. Identify teacher behaviors that learners perceive as beneficial.

Understanding How We Learn

What Learners Want in a Teacher

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets Toward Learning
Clinical Teaching
  1. Provide a simplified outline for clinical teaching in outpatient and inpatient settings.
  2. Provide suggestions for efficiently integrating a student into your practice.
  3. Provide suggestions for assessing student learning needs and abilities.

Before the Learner Arrive

Orienting Learners to Your Practice

Selecting Patients & Preparing Learners

Prompting Reflection with Two Questions at the End of the Session

Teaching a Skill or Procedure

Writing Clinical Teaching Scripts

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets Toward Learning

Clinical Teaching Simplified

One Minute Preceptor

Learner Driven Case Presentations (SNAPPS)

Objectives for Clerkships & Electives
  1. Ensure teachers are familiar with the objectives for their clerkship/elective.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please review the objectives related to your specialty.

  1. Outline steps necessary for effective feedback.
  2. Provide specific strategies for offering feedback.

Feedback Models in the Clinical Teaching Setting

Fostering Effective Feedback in a Clinical Teaching Setting  

Recognizing and Assisting Struggling Learners
  1. Provide basic suggestions for recognizing signs of a struggling learner and various factors contributing to struggling.
  2. Outline steps for addressing and referring a struggling learner.
  3. Highlight some of the resources or options available to a struggling learner.
Recognizing and Assisting Struggling Learners  

 OPTIONAL TOPICS: i.e., consider viewing if you deem relevant or helpful to your role(s)

Using Active Learning Approach

Designing Powerpoint Slides

Facilitating Small Group Discussions