Health Professions Outreach connects students to Augusta University campus and community resources by providing personalized pathways throughout their journey toward their chosen health profession.


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Health Professions Outreach

Health Sciences Campus

Robert B. Greenblatt, MD Library

First Floor

1439 Laney Walker Blvd.
Augusta, GA 30912

About Us

photo of Charmaine T. James, MS

Charmaine T. James, MS

  • Director
photo of Jenna Griner

Jenna Griner

  • Health Professions Advising Coordinator

Where to Find Us

We are located on the 1st floor of the Greenblatt Library on the Health Sciences Campus.

1439 Laney Walker Boulevard
Augusta, GA  30912

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Our Services

Introductory Interest Meeting

Which health profession interests you the most? We can discuss to determine how we can best help you achieve your goal.

Application Planning/Preparation

Applying to health profession programs is a multi-step process. Let us help you map out your application, compile all supporting documentation, and set your timeline for completing admissions exams.

Coursework/Prerequisite Review

Requirements for your undergraduate degree may differ from the prerequisite courses needed for your chosen health profession program. In concert with your academic advisor, HPO will assist in ensuring you complete what is necessary for your current program of study and your future educational pursuits.

Obtaining Clinical Exposure

The inclusion of clinical exposure on your application demonstrates to health profession programs that you understand the realities of the profession. Let’s meet to discuss various ways you may gain clinical experiences to enhance your application.

Obtaining Community Service

Demonstrate your heart for service through clinical and non-clinical volunteerism. HPO can track students' service hours and community engagement via JagPulse to provide accurate records for your application.

Personal Statement Review

Why do you want to become a health professional? What will you contribute to the profession? We can help you answer these questions so you may share a compelling story with the program admissions committee.

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