Augusta University is proud to support a few of the oldest and most prestigious honors society chapters in the United States.

Your hard work and achievement deserve to be recognized. Augusta University values academic excellence and is proud to support several honor societies. These honor societies recognize exceptional Augusta University students and faculty in a variety of academic disciplines. Your success at Augusta University can earn you an invitation to join one of our distinct honor societies below.

Phi Kappa Phi

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective all-discipline honor society.

  • In the top 10% of seniors
  • In the top 7.5% of juniors
  • In the top 10% of your graduate/professional school program


Phi Kappa Phi

Beta Omnicorn

The Honor Society of Nursing, is dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide by increasing the scientific base of nursing practice.

  • Recognizing superior academic achievement
  • Encouraging creative work
  • Fostering high professional standards


Beta Omnicron