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The Jaguar Jumpstart Program (JJSP) presents a unique enrollment pathway, tailored to support students in maximizing their potential as they embark on their collegiate journey. It's more than just an enrollment opportunity; it's a commitment to ensuring every student's successful transition from high school into college life!

JJSP Program Information

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As a Jaguar Jumpstart Student, you will receive:

  • Community-Centered Learning: You will be part of a specialized learning community, characterized by its intimate size and dedication to fostering every student's success. It's a space where like-minded peers come together, sharing and growing in their academic aspirations.
  • Personalized Coaching and Support: JJSP doesn't just throw you into the deep end. Through the program, students receive dedicated coaching to hone critical skills like study techniques and information literacy. Beyond just classes, the program encompasses tutoring sessions, enlightening workshops, engaging community service projects, and social gatherings—all curated to ease and enrich your transition into college life.
  •  Five Weeks of Intensive Growth: The heart of the JJSP is a five-week summer program where students:
    1) Earn 6 hours of valuable college credit, paving the way for their future academic journey.
    2) Attend transformative workshops designed to smoothen the transition to the college environment.
    3) Delve deep into the plethora of campus resources available, ensuring they're well-equipped for the road ahead.
    4) Benefit from individualized academic coaching sessions.
    5) Engage in community-focused and service-learning field trips.
  • Exploration and Involvement: It's not all about the academics. Jaguar Jumpstart encourages students to immerse themselves in the local community. Whether it's volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of the CSRA or exploring the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Augusta, students get to expand their horizons beyond the classroom. Plus, the program offers workshops that allow students to explore diverse academic options, ensuring they find their true calling and purpose as they transition from high school to college.
    Located at the Summerville Campus in University Hall, Suite 331, the JJSP team is always ready to guide and assist. Prospective and current students can reach out via phone at 706-667-4412 or through email at We are also active on social media (Instagram @aug_jjsp) providing updates, insights and lots of photos for family and friends to see!
    In the end, the Jaguar Jumpstart Program emphasizes one clear message: It's your education, your future, your choice.

Contact Us

Jaguar Jumpstart Program

Summerville Campus

University Hall

Suite 331




It’s your education, your future, your choice.

Benefits of participating in Jaguar Jumpstart

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