Controller's Division

accountant desk

It is the vision of the Controller's staff to serve the needs of our campus community. We strive to accomplish this vision through quality performance with a service oriented approach.

The Controller's Division Missions are to:

  • Account for all financial resources and provide advice to administrators, faculty, and students to support the University's overall mission of instruction, research, and healthcare services.

  • Manage the investment of all University funds to ensure maximization return on investments.

  • Receive and deposit all funds due to the University in a timely manner.

  • Insure compliance with both internal and external regulations, policies and procedures.

  • Maintain and process the University payroll, accounts payable, and travel disbursements efficiently, accurately, and timely.

  • Prepare financial and statistical information to the University management, federal and state agencies, and other interested parties.

  • Maintain the University's accounting and financial reporting systems

Quick Reference

  • For information regarding an IRS 1099 form, contact Controller's Office at 706-721-0912.
  • For questions about financial reports, contact Financial Accounting at 706-721-9179.
  • For information regarding a 1099 form for Teacher's Retirement, contact TRS directly at 1-800-352-0650.
  • Regarding W-2's:  Contact
  • For information on student tuition and fees, student payment deadlines or external departmental billing, contact the Business Office at 706-737-1767.