Historic Schools

Tubman High School

Postcard of Tubman High School. Source: Boston Public Library

Photo: Postcard of Tubman High School. Source: Boston Public Library

Located at 1740 Walton Way, Tubman High School is named in honor of noted Augusta philanthropist Emily Tubman. Tubman High School has played an important role as an educational institution in Augusta since its founding as Neely’s Institute in 1874. Until the 1950s, it was the only public high school for girls in the Augusta area and is a major local educational landmark. In 1951, the school became a co-educational junior high and now serves as a middle school.

Heritage Academy (formerly Houghton School)

Houghton School

Photo: Students outside Houghton School, circa 1940-41. Source: Augusta Chronicle.

When John W. Houghton, a successful Broad Street business owner, died in 1851, he left $4,000 and a land plot to the City of Augusta so they could build a school for poor children. The Houghton School was opened two years later in 1853, during the 1890's it became the city's first public elementary school but was tragically burnt down in 1916 during the massive fire that consumed downtown Augusta. After the loss of the original structure, architect Lloyd Preacher rebuilt the current structure in 1916. The school taught thousands of children from 1916-2000, after which it was shutdown. The building was purchased by Heritage Academy and is located at 333 Greene Street.

To learn more, please visit Houghton School Bought by Heritage Academy.

Heritage Academy


Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History

Lucy Craft Laney Museum

Location: 116 Philips Street, Augusta, GA 30901

The Lucy Craft Laney Museum is the only African American Museum in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA, Augusta and its surrounding areas). The museum, which opened in 1991, is a small house museum that was the former home of Miss Lucy Craft Laney.

The museum is located in the Historic Laney-Walker District, near the original site of the Haines Normal and Industrial Institute. The mission of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is to promote the legacy of Ms. Lucy Craft Laney through arts and history. We accomplish this awesome task by educating and exposing children and adults of the CSRA, the State and beyond to the arts, history, literature and leadership through exhibits and programs." - Lucy Laney Craft Museum of Black History


University of South Carolina Museum of Education

USC Museum of Education

Location: Wardlaw Hall - University of South Carolina - Columbia, SC 29208

"Once housing an extensive archival collection of educational materials, the Museum of Education now serves exclusively as a museum with its exhibitions, publications, and programs portraying the perennial issues of education as a means to generate thoughtful discussion among members of the university community and general public.

Residing within the College of Education building, Wardlaw Hall, the Museum of Education includes a gallery, The Chester C. Travelstead Seminar Room, an outdoor patio, and closed-archival area totaling over 3000 square feet. By the standards of public museums, the Museum remains a small and highly-focused research/public programming entity." - USC Museum of Education



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Catching Stories

Catching Stories: A Practical Guide to Oral History

by Donna M. DeBlasio, Charles F. Ganzert, David H. Mould


Oral History & Law


A Guide to Oral History and the Law

by John A. Neuenschwander


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