In supporting University's and The Dental College of Georgia's Research Missions, CERSI will provide leadership and support in research, scholarship and innovation through the following Strategic Focus Areas: (Related DCG Research & Scholarship Strategic Plan goals are included, i.e. 2.1 - 2.4)

Strategic Focus Area 1. Alignment of AU and DCG Research Strategic Plans

Ensure the DCG Research and Scholarship (R&S) program is optimally aligned and collaborative with the Augusta University research mission (DCG Goal 2.1)

Goal 1.1: Review and assess the DCG R&S Strategic Plan for alignment with the AU R&S Strategic Plan

Goal 1.2: Develop tactics to enhance alignment and collaboration between DCG and AU R&S programs

Goal 1.3: Develop tactics and strategies to facilitate achievement of DCG R&S mission and goals

Strategic Focus Area 2.  Foster Interdisciplinary and Translational Research

Expand the research program and provide opportunities for increased faculty engagement and productivity through transdisciplinary and collaborative research strategies (DCG Goal 2.2)

Goal 2.1 Train new faculty on development of research projects and preparing grant applications

Goal 2.2 Develop and expand the number of faculty research mentors and advisors

Goal 2.3 Maintain and promote a comprehensive listing of faculty research funding opportunities, including extramural and intramural grants and awards for faculty, resident and student research.

Strategic Focus Area 3. Create a Culture of Research that is Engaging, Collaborative and Sustainable

Strengthen opportunities for faculty, students, residents, and campus and community partners to participate in research and scholarly activities (DCG Goal 2.3)

Goal 3.1 Sponsor research seminars, symposiums and events to promote scholarly collaborations between faculty, students and residents

Goal 3.2 Develop strategies to seek and collaborate with campus and extramural partners in interdisciplinary and community-based research programs

Goal 3.3 Recognize and reward achievements, collaborations and other successes in research, scholarship and innovation

Strategic Focus Area 4. Administration and Support of Research Infrastructure

Provide an efficient and supportive administrative structure for success in research (DCG Goal 2.4)

Goal 4.1 Review AU and DCG research infrastructure for support and success in conducting the mission

Goal 4.2 Recommend changes and enhancements to research infrastructure to facilitate the mission

Goal 4.3 Develop fund-raising strategies to obtain sponsorship to support DCG research initiatives

Please also see:

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