During the 2015-16 academic year over 75 DCG students, faculty, staff, administrators, and several external stakeholders worked to develop a five year plan to guide The DCG.

  • This plan was developed as a living document and will be reviewed annually by the Executive Deans Council.
  • The plan will be executed through the college's Annual Unit Plans and yearly progress reports will be shared.
  • The plan's design provides alignment to AU Strategic Priorities, Mission Priorities, and the other colleges' plans.


Provide excellent evidence-based oral health education that prepares competent, ethical, and compassionate dental practitioners to meet the oral healthcare needs of Georgia today and in the future.

Goal 1.1: Ensure the curriculum and academic programs are relevant, efficient, and effective to prepare dental students and residents for successful professional careers.

Goal 1.2: Provide a student-centered learning environment and co-curricular experiential student learning opportunities for professional growth and development.

Goal 1.3: Provide faculty and staff resources to support the educational mission.

Provide leadership and excellence in oral health-related research and discovery providing new knowledge, materials, and treatment to enable dental professionals to meet the increasingly complex oral healthcare needs of our society.

Goal 2.1: Ensure the dental research program is optimally aligned and collaborative with the Augusta University research mission.

Goal 2.2: Expand the research program and provide opportunities for increased faculty engagement and productivity.

Goal 2.3: Strengthen opportunities for students and residents to participate in research.

Goal 2.4: Provide an efficient and supportive administrative structure to promote a culture of research.

Provide excellent patient-centered, collaborative, comprehensive oral healthcare in clinics as a regional treatment facility resource, and at extra-mural clinical sites improving healthcare access to underserved communities.

Goal 3.1: Ensure the dental clinical program is optimally aligned and integrated with the Augusta University Strategic Plan for clinical care.

Goal 3.2: Expand existing clinical services to support the educational and clinical research mission and enhanced access to general and specialized oral health care.

Goal 3.3: Optimize quality and consistency of clinical care.

Goal 3.4: Optimize the efficiency of business operations and effectiveness of administrative support for clinical care.

Provide responsible management of resources and contribute to the success of Augusta University’s Mission.

Goal 4.1: Practice responsible resource stewardship and ongoing risk management.

Goal 4.2: Provide faculty and staff with growth and development opportunities for enhanced recruitment and retention.

Goal 4.3: Improve annual planning and decision making for enhanced budget preparation.

Goal 4.4: Foster enhanced partnerships and collaborations with Augusta University.

Develop stronger relationships with professional, business, social, and political networks to enhance The Dental College of Georgia’s reputation as a community asset.

Goal 5.1: Expand our engagement with community partners and networks.

Goal 5.2: Strengthen our alumni network and foster philanthropy.

Goal 5.3: Address healthcare disparities and access to care issues throughout Georgia and the region.

Goal 5.4: Enhance our role as a community asset through outreach and service.

Promote a humanistic, inclusive environment that supports diversity and cultural competency through enhanced communication and engagement.

Goal 6.1: Foster a humanistic environment in the Dental College of Georgia and the Augusta University community.

Goal 6.2: Support diversity and cultural competence.

Goal 6.3: Promote engagement opportunities.

Goal 6.4: Increase recognition of individual and college-wide achievement.